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Where there is an ending, there is always a new beginning.

We’re entering 2021 and finally saying goodbye to 2020. We have made it to this point, and for many, people’s lives are forever changed.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all we’ve been through together. All that we have endured lost and regenerated as well as the successful moments that have been created too. It has been a long chaotic year hasn’t it. For sure we are all looking forward to seeing the end of 2020.

New beginnings are here. As we navigate these uncertain times, remember, even in moments of feeling isolated in this pandemic, you are not alone, and we are here for you to reach out whenever you need. Do remember this!

At times, we simply need to be heard

We’ve had many changes here at WWoW HQ too!

COVID-19 has pushed our live festivals on the back burner for the immediate future. Massive gratitude for our exhibitors who have been truly amazing in their candour. This is a true testament to the great business relationships we have established with great people in recent years. The impact caused the temporary halt in business here at WWoW HQ until our recent transition of our new forever home with the launch of WWoW – Online presenting Wellbeing Options across all stages of life.

Our international readers have no barriers now. You have choices to connect, consider, and choose who you work with to upgrade your wellbeing, no matter if your need is physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Let’s face it, wellbeing is now at the forefront of everyone’s list of values since we are each presented with a new way of being in which our need to build a different kind of resilience, immunity and stability for our future lives and that of our family is what matters the most.

This is your time to reassess just what really matters. A time for cleansing out the old. I am referring to the inner cleansing – clearing down those outdated beliefs, usual patterns. Having time to hop off the treadmill of living life on autopilot. Getting down to the nitty-gritty of what values we still take forward with the new value and meaning to our present lives…the important stuff that really matters.

Where are you at?

How are you caring for yourself and your family?

Are you in the exploration stage?
Active stage? Or

Fully immersed in health and wellbeing?

No matter where you are on your wellbeing journey, we have the solutions to Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Mental change. If you do not have a clue where to start, and looking for some clarity, here are your options:

Book a clarity call with my compliments. During this 30 minute call, together we can establish the options and choices that may best serve your future wellbeing needs.

With dozens of experts available at the click of a button, consider your new purpose: Gifting with a real sense of meaning, simply gift Wellbeing for Christmas and beyond. As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times of change, it is without doubt, managing your wellbeing is priority and we are here to work with you and your loved ones.

Many of our providers allocate gift vouchers too, like us they have expertly transitioned their business online. Over 90% of the population are now engaged online both for personal development and shopping, this is our future, So from the comfort of your own safe home, here is your opportunity to make those changes you have been longing for and cultivate new ways of serving your future self among our wellbeing business experts in exceptional ways as you continue to engage with the next level of key frontline Wellbeing workers, our trusted experts. as we yet again, face a new wave of COVID hitting our planet.

Mindfulness is at the seat of every decision made here at WWOW. These principles create safe, trusted spaces for you to grow and prosper. If you would like to consider mindful options either on a 121 basis or group work, then hop over to my website and consider introducing mindfulness to your daily life. New mindfulness courses are running in the new year. I look forward to introducing you and further develop your awareness in mindful ways of being. You will read in my bio, my own experience of mindfulness which turned out to be a complete game changer although I did not realise this during a critical stage in my life. At times, it is not until we reach the surface of difficult times in life that we actually realise what tools helped get us there. It is my belief, everyone has the capability to live mindfully, therefore introducing it to daily life, underpins the support we need for self, a new type of inner scaffolding.

Remember where there is an ending, there is always a new beginning.

Wonderful World of Wellbeing is now global, open 24/7 for you. We will continue to develop our online offerings and also have plans to introduce new offerings in 2021.

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I will take this opportunity to wish you, your friends and family a peaceful season, trusting stability aligns and meeting up with family can be achieved.
Be kind to yourself in every passing day.

I look forward to connecting with you in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Stay safe, and stay in-touch

Kind Regards,
Diane Mitchell, Founder of Wonderful World of Wellbeing

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