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Networking with business people who get your type of business is the absolute key to any business connection. Collaborations and business friends and colleagues are born from our meetings

Networking is key to meeting the right people at the right time

Make new connections, be inspired, and network with health and wellbeing professionals during our business meetings and expos

Having a solid network creates those important business connections with others who understand your line of business, and are genuinely supportive. A place to cultivate valuable new trusted business connections, the perfect opportunity to extend your client reach throughout the year.

  • Face to Face Network meetings
  • Online – Guest Presenter meetings – suitable for B2B and B2C
  • Zero membership fees
  • Pay as you go per meeting
  • Annual passes are available (do request details)
  • Gold Members who showcase with us online have complimentary entry

This is your place to visit a Save nd expand your business and client reach.

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Here’s what to expect:

Open networking

Each business owner has the opportunity to present their business to all guests.

1 x Business Spotlight Presentation from one guest per meeting


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Meeting Schedule

This is a golden opportunity to make new business connections and grow your business further.

Learn from business presentations that aid knowledge, add to your tool kit, and broaden your perspective within the health and wellbeing sector

Ticket options are available for you to choose what works best for you.

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Tuesday 15 November – Twickenham
Christmas Dinner Network Meeting – Tuesday 13 December – Twickenham
17 January 2023 – Twickenham
21 February 2023 – Twickenham
21 March 2023 – Twickenham

Save Future Networking Dates!

These events are scheduled… Keep an eye out for their release here…

  • Tuesday 18 April – Twickenham
  • Tuesday 16 May – Twickenham
  • Tuesday 20 June – Twickenham
  • Tuesday 18 July – Twickenham
  • August – No meetings-we are taking a holiday
  • Tuesday 19 September – Twickenham
  • Tuesday 17 October – Twickenham
  • Tuesday 21 November – Twickenham
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