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Welcome to a delightful initiative that was born from business owners continually requesting to be connected to others in the niche of health and wellbeing. Led by Diane Mitchell and proudly supported by the Wonderful World of Wellbeing organization (or WWoW for short). Our mission is simple yet powerful: to bring together individuals and holistic business owners who are dedicated to the health and well-being of others.

Networking with business people who understand your business type is the absolute key to any business connection. Collaborations and business friends and colleagues are born from our meetings

Networking is key to meeting the right people at the right time

Join Our Uplifting and Professional Network Meetings

When you participate in our meetings, you’ll gain the opportunity to network with WWoW and the local business community, fostering meaningful connections that can significantly enhance your personal and professional life.

Building a robust network allows you to establish crucial business connections with individuals who understand the nuances of your industry and genuinely offer support. It serves as a platform to nurture new and trustworthy business relationships, presenting an ideal opportunity to expand your client base throughout the year.

At WWoW, we firmly believe in the power of integration. By providing a space for health and wellbeing business owners, we support the growth and prosperity of your valuable services.

We eagerly anticipate your presence in our vibrant and supportive community. Join us and take your business connections to the next level!

New to our network?

Here we dedicate our world to all things health and wellbeing. Our offerings include

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Become a Meeting Sponsor

Have you thought about becoming a sponsor for our network meetings?

We are delighted to offer sponsorship opportunities for all our upcoming events. Let’s have a conversation and explore how your business can reap the benefits of this partnership. Click the link below to schedule a meeting with us. We look forward to meeting you and to discuss the possibilities.

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Meeting Schedule

This is a great opportunity to make new business connections and grow your business further.

Venue: The Red Lion, Russell Rd, Shepperton, TW17 9HX

Ticket options are available, simply choose what works best for you.

  • Bring a business colleague for FREE
  • Showcase with a mini PoPuP stand and gain more exposure
  • Simply come on your own, and we will introduce you to other business owners
  • Sponsor a meeting and gain exposure before and during the event

We look forward to introducing you to other business owners & helping you grow your business.

Here’s what to expect:

Make new connections, be inspired, and network with health and wellbeing professionals during our business network meetings.

Having a solid network creates those important business connections with others who understand your line of business, and are genuinely supportive. A place to cultivate valuable new trusted business connections, the perfect opportunity to extend your client reach throughout the year.

B2B Face-to-Face Network meetings

Open networking

Present your business to all guests

Zero membership fees

Pay as you go per meeting

FREE Onsite parking

Refreshments included

Annual passes are available (do request details)

This is the network meeting to help you expand your business and client reach.

Bookmark this page and pop back for future date releases. We look forward to meeting you and discovering the best ways to support your business.

If you have any questions, do get in touch, we look forward to helping you grow your business.

Worth all 5 stars. at the meeting there is always a high energy in the air, professional and friendly environment, I have the opportunity to make my business known and I have had great connections and expansion of new customers. Diane is a great professional to organise all this.

Caterina M

I have been a client of Wonderful World of Well-being (WWoW) for over a year now. As a result of my membership of the WWoW network group, and having a presence within WWoW On-Line my business is flourishing. The number of clients has increased, and there’s more structure to how I conduct my business due to the support of the founder, Diane Mitchell.

Yvonne Oakes

The networking format is friendly and fun whether in person or online, yet providing a great opportunity to build collaborations with like minded wellness professionals who like me, care about changing lives.
The support is brilliant, the friendships lasting and will be forever grateful I found Diane and WWOW at a pivotal time in my business.

Your Content Goes Here, Richard Ranson

I attended my first Live meeting with the network at the end of 2019, just before we went into lockdown. I was very impressed how quickly Diane transferred us all into online meetings via zoom.

Sally Reynolds

A beautiful space to meet like-minded professionals interested in health and wellbeing. great diversity, lovely energy, fabulous connections.

John Donnelly

I loved the networking session hosted by Diane. It was well run and attended and meet so many interesting people.