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Life is full of challenges and unexpected hurdles.
In 2006, Diane was given 12 weeks to live to her utter disbelief. However, Diane remained determined to live and was positive about her future, despite what medical findings had suggested.

Life as she knew it fell away, a new beginning was about to emerge. Diane’s forward life journey required re-visiting matters of the past, she refers to this as ‘unfinished business’, which in turn provided a pathway to both navigate and grow into the new life she continues to create and live today.

Facing the dark can be a daunting thing to do, yet not as daunting as remaining in a life which has been outgrown. Sometimes people need a nudge to create and embrace change, although critical news such as what occurred here was not always an easy pathway to navigate. Diane invited more holistic approaches and interventions into her life more than ever before. Having trusted professionals at her fingertips, provided the profound support system that turned out to be the best gifts she invested in for her life.

diane founder

Due to her inner dialogue reinforcing her will to live, Diane stands here today and is as strong as ever. Considering the positive mindset that enabled Diane to overcome this period, she is a wholehearted believer in the power of mindset with a belief system that is fresh, rewarding and positively serving.

With the ability to turn a difficult situation into an entirely achievable one, Diane specialises in uplifting individuals and empowering them with the tools, techniques and strategies they need to achieve an unbreakable mindset with instant results. During her changed life circumstances, Diane discovered she naturally lived ‘mindfully’ long before it was a buzz word and widely known. Both Mindset and mindfulness she shares with clients in her private practice today, both of which are game changers.

Working with exceptional health and wellbeing providers, Diane understands that people need choices and do not always realise what is available. Having choice is truly a powerful thing, being equipped with knowledge and a unique toolkit for life can be tapped into at any point – especially in critical times of need.

Having lived overseas for many years, Diane returned to the UK in 2014 and soon realised there were limited choices in high calibre collaboration of wellbeing experts.

Diane works tirelessly in bringing the right mix of professionals that provide clear, transparent choices without bias in order to create a deserving fulfilled life.

No matter if people have reached a critical time, working towards change by creating an improved future, or gently wanting to test the water of news ways of being, the power of choice can never be under estimated.

Experiences change lives, Diane believes in creating experiences that are as enjoyable as they are meaningful and rewarding.

Founded on the premise that experiences are what change us, the Wonderful World of Wellbeing was born.

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