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“I joined as a Gold Member on the 19th March, and within less than 24 hours I had received my first booking from within the community.
Incredible support, and a wonderful organisation to be part of. Highly recommend.”

Alison Stead

We have a proven track record of helping Wellbeing businesses grow. Providing the correct platforms for Wellbeing businesses to showcase their expert offerings to the public is vital both for our business community and the industry at large.

This is such a sensitive time in history, the whole world is online, your business needs to be found so you can best serve people. We continue to work with businesses who need to reach new clients and grow their business.

  • If you are tired of feeling you should be further ahead compared to where you are right now
  • If you are sick of seeing other people that are not as good as you are and care less about their clients being more successful than you.
  • If you are looking to join a collective online presence rather than swimming to the shore alone

The Wonderful World of Wellbeing is the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes to reach a broader customer base and make their wellbeing marketing vision come to life. We are passionate about promoting brands who share similar core values, and offering them on and offline support to further their mission. Our services have the potential to expand your brand’s visibility, allowing your business to be seen online all year round when becoming a member with our online wellbeing providers.

We take immense pride and joy in introducing wellbeing-focused businesses to passionate customers, so that more people can benefit from the vast choices available to enable and encourage members of the public to live a life in wellbeing.

Don’t miss your chance to join our community and give your wellbeing business an unbeatable marketing advantage with our leading wellbeing brand.

Membership Details

  • Twelve month online membership provides three levels you can select.
  • Gold – Silver & Bronze.
  • Multiple memberships can be purchased at one time.
  • Discounts apply when purchasing more than one membership.
  • Additional memberships can be purchased at a later date.
  • Upgrades can be made during your membership (e.g. you may join at the bronze level and wish to upgrade at a later date)
  • We do not offer downgrades.
  • Substantial Discounts are available when booking to exhibit during our festivals.

On deciding your choice of membership, we will send a form to complete. Here you will submit all the details required so we can prepare your online showcase.

We aim to have your online showcase produced and live within 5-10 working days. Together we will hop on a Zoom call to discuss your aims prior to making a decision, during this call, your questions will be answered.

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Feedback From Our Business Community

A few years ago, I knew that I wanted to change direction, to begin a new life path, I had felt stuck for quite some time, not knowing quite where I was, who I was or where I wanted to go, I just knew that something needed to change! Then I walked into this Mind, Body and Spirit event in my local town, where there wasn’t really much that I felt drawn to, yet in the corner of the room, was a stand, that I guess I was just being led to, that connection was to change my life, my direction, a whole new beginning, a new and exciting journey. Now I didn’t expect it to be easy, I knew I would really have to work for it, and when I started to see the potential in myself, and the realisation of the impact I could go on to have on those around me, on the lives of other people, the passion grew stronger and stronger within me.

It may have ultimately been me that has created that change, but without the huge support of ‘Diane Mitchell’ and the ‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing’, I am not so sure I would have been able to keep pushing forward, like I have.

I have attended numerous ‘WWoW’ festivals both in London and in Yorkshire, along with the in-person & online networking, right from the beginning, knowing that I had that support of a strong, well recognised brand in what is the ‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing’ has been truly phenomenal. 

Christian Jensen

“I came across WWoW by complete chance and they helped me think about how to shape my offering to people. WWoW has helped me build my business. My clients have come from WWoW and now they are my cheerleaders. Now it really is important for me and my business growth to be part of WWoW-Online. A place where people can more easily find me. Being part of something bigger. I will continue to promote my business. WWoW takes away the ‘how do I do this online”

Ruth Richards

I joined as a Gold Member on the 19th March, and within less than 24 hours I had received my first booking from within the community. Incredible support, and a wonderful organisation to be part of. Highly recommend.

Alison Stead

“Thank you so much for all your help; it has been an amazing journey so far, and as always huge gratitude to you for all your encouragement and support. The journey can and will only get better, in fact, it already is.”

Christian Jensen

I cannot praise WWOW highly enough and the work that Diane puts in for all her members. The wellbeing festivals in 2018 and 2019 were a springboard for my wellness business, well attended with a variety of amazing wellness businesses that have helped me grow. The networking format is friendly and fun whether in person or online, yet providing a great opportunity to build collaborations with like minded wellness professionals who like me, care about changing lives. The support is brilliant, the friendships lasting and will be forever grateful I found Diane and WWoW at a pivotal time in my business. Thank you Diane.

Richard R

I joined WWOW as a Silver member in 2021. Diane and her team are fun, innovative and highly supportive, the networking has proved effective making new colleagues and bringing about new collaborations for 2022, I’ve been enjoying new therapies from WWOW to share with my coaching clients. Especially found Diane’s own therapy very beneficial in my personal healing and development I can’t recommend her highly enough. Looking forward to exhibiting at next year’s festival.

Karen H

I have been a client of Wonderful World of Well-being (WWoW) for 8 months now. I have a bronze membership which has helped increase my number of team members in my online business and the people that have joined are so glad to have found a better way of growing their money. I highly recommend joining the WWoW community as a way of growing your business in a very supportive and friendly environment with like-minded individuals. The founder Diane Mitchell is a lovely person to connect with.

Desi Perez

I am so excited as things have evolved. And now with the evolution of the bigger aspects of ‘WWoW – Online’ I trust and know that it can only get better.”

Christian Jensen

I am a member of the Wonderful World of Wellbeing. I attended my first Live meeting with the network at the end of 2019, just before we went into lockdown. I was very impressed how quickly Diane transferred us all into online meetings via zoom. This enabled us all to continue to meet, and to stay connected to each other. We will continue to meet online as we go forward.

Throughout my membership Diane has supported and encouraged me – through my membership, and also through the Wellbeing Academy. This has enabled me to develop both personally and professionally.

I have moved forward in my membership, in becoming part of the Networking Team, alongside Diane.

As a result of her support not only have I recently extended my Online presence on the Wonderful World of Wellbeing website to have two listings; one for my therapeutic work, the other for Grief and Loss.

I will just end by saying Thank You to Diane for all the support and encouragement she has given me, and for being there for me over the last two years.

I do not hesitate to recommend other wellbeing businesses to get involved with a brand completely dedicated to health and wellbeing

Sally Reynolds

I have been a client of Wonderful World of Well-being (WWoW) for over a year now. As a result of my membership of the WWoW network group, and having a presence within WWoW On-Line my business is flourishing. The number of clients has increased, and there’s more structure to how I conduct my business due to the support of the founder.

Yvonne Oakes

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