Frequently Asked Questions

Wellbeing Is The New Currency. We provide choices of wellbeing across all stages of live providing the tools, skills, knowledge, experiences and wisdom with wellbeing experts from our business community.

Of course it can, just like any currency! WWoW-Online is an online Wellbeing collective of professional health and wellbeing providers from our dedicated community. The majority of businesses are based in the UK, yet you will notice we have contributors from as far away as Australia. In a time where wellbeing is at the front of everyone’s mind, this is your one stop shop to access a full spectrum of wellbeing 24/7.

Yes you can, we are open to collaborating with more expert providers who are dedicated to the quest of helping others in wellbeing.

It’s a twelve month contract. You can upgrade at any time.

If you own, manage /operate a wellbeing business, whether you are in holistic health, aged care, healthy options, nutrition, coach, supplements, essential oils, mindfulness, bereavement, retreats, legal profession, finance, you may apply.

Any business that assists people in their life choices; established, corporate, pivoting and start-ups are welcome to apply.

We look forward to meeting you.

Increases brand and visibility recognition by aligning your business with our successful and proven brand; enhancing online presence and the purpose of members of the public having access to expert choices in wellbeing across all ages, 24/7, 356 days a year.

Wonderful World of Wellbeing are already seen as a trusted brand, recognised by Google. Therefore people are more likely to ENGAGE and it builds a trusting platform for members of the public to connect with your offering and return time and time again.

Furthermore, here on our website is review facility meaning people from around the world can leave a review for your business which will further strengthen your business and gain trust from your customers.

A professional collective packed to the brim of expert knowledge, product, therapy and service providers in wellbeing across the ages is a brilliant way to search for health and wellbeing businesses.

The whole world is online due to the current pandemic. WWoW – Online is a safe place for people to engage, empower and enjoy receiving wellbeing options which will support and strengthen their muscle of resilience and immunity for their mind, body and soul.

Collaboration of your wellbeing business with WWoW-Online will strengthen the recognition of your business. . We will be using multiple strategies to promote the directory [read below].

WWoW-Online will be promoted on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We are working closely with our SEO team of experts who will continue to bring this collective to the forefront. We have our own Facebook groups, where as a member of WWoW-Online you can post your offerings. We also have multiple Facebook business pages which can further promote the Directory. Offline we aim to promote WWoW-Online as a whole by leaflet distribution and publications where necessary.

We operate our own network meetings, and attend business networking events, we are members of the federation of small businesses.

We have multiple strategies in place, and we are always looking at opportunities to promote WWoW-Online.

You can cancel at any time after twelve months by contacting us in the contact sheet for members and also by making sure your standing order is cancelled.
We have a package to cover this, where we will do the posts on your behalf. This is called Gold membership which includes Gold Social media days.
Yes, and you get a referral fee of £30 [or vouchers] if they successfully join. There are no limits on how many businesses you recommend. You could recommend a business each month!
Standing order. If you choose to pay annually then you can make a bank transfer.
Use a picture of your product or service. We ask you to choose your best picture relative to illustrate this.
Please do tell us. We have a professional approach therefore we would welcome feedback on how to improve and help you in any way possible. We have a 100% dedication to our clients.
Please contact us as we want to help you as much as we can.