It’s a serious question, and one that I feel needs to be addressed.

I watched a Mediumship demonstration on a ‘live’ feed on social media a short time ago – during which I happened to read a comment that was made, which in turn made me want to share my thoughts here with you today.

The importance of a name

The comment I refer to, came from a lady who had just received a message from her loved-one, she asked the Medium on the ‘live stream’, to tell her the name of the Spirit communicator – so she knew it really was who she was thinking it may be.

The conversation highlighted to me the importance people often attach to whether they are given a name from Spirit (or not) when they are receiving (or in this case, had received) a message from one of their loved ones’ in Spirit, which is; the name of the Spirit person who is communicating.

The lady in question commented again, stating that she always hears from her ‘Gran’, yet goes on to say, ‘It never really sounds like it comes from her’.

Hmmmm …
This being the case, I would question if her Gran is truly communicating?!

All through my years of working with Spirit, it has always been of prime importance to me for the recipient to be in no doubt as to who the Spirit communicating, is.

Therefore to me (and this is how I always strive to work with Spirit) all the information from, and especially the evidence about the communicating Spirit, should always be specific enough that the person who is having the Reading (whether in private or in public) has no doubt as to the identity of the Spirit person they are hearing from is, no matter whether or not the communicating Spirit is able to give their name.

It takes a lot of energy for Spirit to be able to communicate with you here in the first place, and believe you me, they would far rather spend their time and energy on getting a meaningful message across to you, their loved one, than anything else, so it follows that they don’t want to spend that precious energy sacrificially reminding you who they are!

After all … The Spirit person knows very well that you know them, whether or not they give their name!

Your Mum for example (or feel free to choose another relative you have in Spirit) for the purpose of this illustration:

When you met up with her for coffee in life, would not have introduced herself to you by name (or even relationship), now would she? Your closest friends don’t need to remind you who they are and introduce themselves by name when you get together, because they know you already know.

Well, surprisingly enough, it’s the same in the world of Spirit!

Many Mediums (me included) are often able to ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ the familial connection a communicating Spirit shares with their loved-one, and we will naturally state that relationship to our recipient. However, the evidence that comes forward and is shared during the rest of the Reading/message should categorically prove that they are indeed, that person.

Personally speaking, I will not often get the name of the communicating Spirit, but will often be made aware by Spirit, of the names that are around their loved one currently.

Whilst a ‘correct’ name is nice to receive (I know Mediums who actually keep a running ‘tally’ of the times they ‘get’ a validated name) it is certainly not the be all and end all – or necessarily, the hallmark of a quality Reading. If the ‘correct’ name is given, but the rest of the information doesn’t fit, then that to me, would be far more worrying.

In my view, it is the very specific information given by the Spirit communicator, via the Medium – that provides evidence of your loved one’s survival, along with Spirit’s accurate, present day knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the recipient’s own life. That gives the Reading/message, and the communication itself, genuine and real validity

I hope you have found this interesting, and maybe even helpful.

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