A few years ago I watched a BBC TV documentary ‘A History of the Madhouse’.

The programme’s focus was the Victorian Sanatorium, High Royds,  sadly more commonly referred to as the ‘lunatic’ asylum. I was particularly interested, as ‘High Royds’ was situated on the outskirts of a village near where I grew up. It closed in 2003.  As you would expect these days, the site was re-developed into spacious modern apartments and lovely new houses have been built within the beautiful and extensive grounds.

The importance of knowing your Ghosts from your Spirits …

Later I spoke with someone who also watched the programme. They said how they ‘would hate to live there, as it would be full of Ghosts haunting the buildings’, and how they ‘wouldn’t be able to rest (let alone sleep soundly) at night, for fear of being kept awake by screams of the tortured souls left wandering the corridors’.

I had to speak up. As a Medium, I know that is highly unlikely to happen …

Essentially, ‘Ghosts’ are nothing but an imprint of electromagnetic energy, a recording of emotions or events held within a particular area. Ghosts cannot interact with us on a day to day level, and they are certainly nothing to be afraid of.

Think of it as being a clip from a video recording; the same thing is played over and over, with no deviation to what is seen/heard. This explains why the ‘Grey Lady’, for example is only seen at the top of the stairs, or why the coach and horses are only ever seen on a certain night at the same time and on the same  stretch of road … they physically can’t go anywhere – or do, anything else.

Spirits are a different matter … You do realise that you are Spirit? We’re all Spiritual Beings having a human experience!! When the time comes for us to shuffle off this mortal coil we return to the World of Spirit, to continue our Soul’s journey.

Spirit is conscious, sentient beings; their personality remains the same as we remember them in life – when they communicate, they often share heightened knowledge and understanding – but the Spirit person’s humour and other traits remain very recognisable.

Occasionally Spirit try to make themselves known in ways that are wrongly perceived as unwelcome or scary…yet Spirit never seek to harm. I know from experience they can be quite put out when a loved one does not respond as happily as they expected!

I take issue with those who portray Spirit as evil or difficult, malevolent or unkind. It only feeds the imagination with fear, with no thought for the well-being of the Spirit.

In my experience, the opposite is true. Spirit who are unsettled and perceived as ‘not so nice’ will respond to respect and understanding – Spirit Counselling if you like.

Usually I find it’s the unsettled energy people pick up on, rather than a nasty Spirit … How many people do you know who when they aren’t happy, are not particularly pleasant to be around?

I’m generally against ‘Spiritual’ activities that are touted as ‘entertainment’ … Ghost Hunts and Ghost walks … Are they harmless entertainment, or are they (as I feel) doing a disservice to Spirit? Often there’s the ‘chill’ factor; the hype and timing don’t help, and leave a lot to be desired. Why are they held at night, or in poor light? If held somewhere renowned for it’s resident ‘ghost’ – fine, portray it as a ghost story, but leave out the additional fright and scare mongering!!

Some activities are very well run, conducted respectfully by a (professional) Medium able to communicate effectively and respectfully with any Spirits they meet. If required, they will help the Spirit person and those who share their space, find peace.

So next time you consider doing something to do with Ghosts or Sprit – remember the importance of knowing your Ghosts from your Spirits … Will you hear about passive Ghosts, or will you potentially observe interaction with conscious, sentient Spirits? … Which would you prefer?

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