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Stories of the mind – What are yours telling you?

How are you?

How well and at ease are you moving on from the past somewhat difficult and strange two years? Life has changed, we are forever changed as well as those around us as we continue to emerge and adjust to our new world.

So, how are you really?

Are you governed by your mind, those stories it plays over as if on autopilot?

Changing your mind, reinventing life, adjusting to new norms, and how we navigate through these times is not an overnight job, yet it doesn’t need to be difficult. Making decisions for your future can seem daunting at times – after all, we are human!

What is your mind telling you? If it is not serving you in positive ways, perhaps now is the time you have had enough of what it tells you and time to do something about it. Making changes, stepping out, stepping up, stepping into new territory can feel like such a difficult thing to do. Why? Because your energy system doesn’t recognise the path you want to explore and sends a message to the mind, that isn’t necessarily serving us in positive ways.


Every thought, feeling, and emotion has its own energy

And every thought determines how we behave and play out this thing called life. Our thoughts can get in our way without us even realising

But as I reflect on my early life, the thing that held me back from living out my dreams and aspirations in a timely enjoyable fashion in this world was how my mind used to function. Yes, I am saying, how it used to function by way of telling me those sly stories of untruth and many times fear-based, that actually held me back from stepping up, stepping into a renewed sense of self. The mind caused havoc at times. To be brutally honest, years ago, my own stories of the mind had been playing over for so long; I had become accustomed to hearing them and believed them to be true!

How did this affect me? It got in my way, and many times – before I woke up to what was going on in my mind, I didn’t know that the stories playing over in my head, loud or low, actually had little or nothing to do with me. I didn’t realize just how much I was being held prisoner in my own life due to my thinking.

My clients come to me day in day out with these ‘stories of the mind’ – so don’t think it’s just you, don’t think this is how life has to be, and most certainly don’t believe all that it tells you.

It can be different – you can be free from your mind. Below is a short video with my brief explanation of what the mind does

Repetitive F.E.A.R-based thinking is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real

F.E.A.R thoughts are those we call worrying, troublesome thoughts.

Bruce Lipton PHD is an American developmental biologist noted for his views on epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

In this short video, Bruce Lipton explains how the conscious and subconscious mind works

Did you know… every time we have a difficult experience, we hear it playing over in our mind

The mind then sends a signal to the body.

The mind’s story then creates a feeling – known as a ‘feeling thought’.

That thought attaches itself to an emotion that matches the feeling thought. Both the feeling thoughts and the emotion then send that F.E.A.R message to the brain, that reinforces feelings of fear and dread, then it adds a more difficult emotion to it…and on it goes.

How can we break the cycle of F.E.A.R based thoughts? In totality, we can’t, it’s what the mind does.


Here is the good news

The thinking process can be changed in effortless ways, ‘Change Your Mind Change Your Life’ is designed to free your mind from the repetitive, stories of the mind. It can clear energy that’s simply not needed anymore, which then changes the thinking, feelings, emotions, and habitual patterns of behaviour.

Think of your system as a radio frequency, many times the frequency can be out of balance, and therefore the information we receive is off-kilter, crackling, and can be irritating! Our own energy systems work in much the same way. Why stay in off-kilter mode and let it continue to irritate the heck out of you? What do we do to change the frequency? In the above instance, we simply turn the button to change the frequency.

There are many forms of energy healing that support changing frequency; some of the most obvious ones are Reiki and massage. A deeper approach to making those inner changes that align your own energy (frequency) to a more suitable, enjoyable welcome frequency is the work I do. This is suitable for those looking for quick relief with instant lasting changes.

‘Change your mind, change your life, is what it says on the label. It is an effortless, pain-free process that supports the shifting of frequency, which affects behaviour, thinking, and feeling turning them from negative difficult states to positively serving behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. You can view my website, simply click here – to see the work I do.

For those who are looking to create long-term changes in their life, I believe ‘Outer changes always begin within’. With this, Design and Drive The Life Your Truly Desire is a self-development program with continued support throughout the following twelve months. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Taking the necessary steps to a fulfilling life, a life lived from YOUR choice, a life that is fully aligned with all that makes you tick, deserves the dedication and attention so as you step into your journey, every decision you make is coming from a true sense of who you really are.

Imagine a life of no second-guessing, not left wondering if and how things will pan out, no F.E.A.R in your decision making which makes way for living life on your terms and living in full expression of yourself.

You can also book a complimentary discovery call here to have a conversation around any of the above, so let’s hop on a call and make sure you are in the right place.

My circle of fabulous therapists and healers is vast. Through our discovery call, if the work I do is not for you, I will happily point you in another trusted direction.

Remember, every thought, feeling, and emotion has energy, difficult experiences create a story of the mind, which can play havoc with thinking and feeling states. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I look forward to our first conversation