When you think of Heart, do you think BEAT?

When you think of  Drum, do you think BEAT?

I know I do!

For me, the Drum is our Heart Beat. It plays the rhythm of our energy, and this, I believe is the essence of Reiki Drumming.

In different cultures, the Drum is a sacred tool used to connect Heaven and Earth, and for maintaining the rhythm of world order. And when drummers practice their art, it’s as if they too are changing the world and touching the human spirit through the rhythm of the Drum.

What is Reiki Drumming?

Reiki Drumming is the combination of Reiki, (a gentle yet powerful method of healing using the Universal Life Force Energy) with drumming.

It is a specialised method of healing that makes use of the sound waves from the drum to introduce the Reiki energy more deeply into an individual’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief.

As the drum is played, the sound waves will pass through the person receiving the healing, causing the molecules that make up their body to respond to the vibration. And, as Reiki drumming is always done with good, therapeutic intent, the vibration produced will be healthy and displace unhealthy vibrations of Dis-Ease within the body.

Research Studies On Reiki Drumming and its Healing Powers

Reiki drumming affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously, helping to bring them into harmony, raising the vibration to levels that can allow the body to fully utilise its own healing abilities.

Reiki drumming has been found to reduce stress, boost the immune system, accelerate physical healing after injury, produce feelings of wellbeing and improve self-esteem.

Research studies show benefits of Reiki drumming for all of the following:

  • Individuals with cancer
  • Those recovering from addictions
  • Those emotionally affected by past trauma
  • The homeless
  • Prison populations
  • Autistic children
  • Emotionally disturbed teenagers.
  • It has also been shown to have positive effects for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Large corporations have found that drumming promotes teambuilding, helps employees focus attention, and improves their wellbeing.

The study results show that Reiki drumming is helpful when treating stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, mental illness, migraines, cancer, MS, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, sleep, and emotional disorders. It also helps to control chronic pain and acts as a distraction from grief.

Reiki Drum Sessions

So, Reiki Drumming is the combination of Reiki and drumming and when used as a healing method is known as the Reiki Drum Technique.

The technique is broken down into three main types of session:

  • The Basic Reiki Drum Healing, where the drum is used intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by hands-on Reiki
  • The Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique, where the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations. This technique can be used to overcome ‘bad’ habits, to focus the mind on something important, or for achieving a specific goal.
  • The Reiki Drum Journey Technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance, and healing. This technique helps us face challenges in our lives by allowing us to access answers to personal questions, and in so doing allows us to problem-solve for ourselves which in turn raises our self-esteem. It can bring our lives back into balance and harmony, awaken our creativity, and release blocks.

I, like the majority of Reiki Drum Practitioners, use a Buffalo Drum and offer sessions that last for approximately one hour.

Clients remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on a treatment couch or on the floor. Those unable to do this can sit on a chair.

Sessions begin with a discussion with the client about the reasons for seeking Reiki Drum Healing or how they have been since a previous session if attending for subsequent sessions.

The drumming sessions also end with a discussion about what ‘came up’ or emerged for the client and myself during the session, and a plan for moving forward.

What My Clients Say

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“I feel grounded, safe, and held”.

“I feel as though I’m becoming unstuck”

“That was so powerful, and I can see what I need to do”

Those who have previously had Reiki state that adding the drum really intensifies the whole experience for them. It is such a Wonderful thing to offer!

I also offer the Reiki Drum Technique in conjunction with the Moon cycle

Combining Reiki, the vibration of the drum, and the influence of the moon creates a wonderful, powerful healing energy. The Moon has an enormous influence in/on our lives, and we can use its phases to resolve and release issues or to manifest and create abundance. Sessions commence at either the New Moon or the Full Moon and continue for a 2 or 4 week period.


The Reiki Drum Technique was formed by Michael Arthur Baird of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre.

Sarah Gregg introduced the Reiki Drum Technique into the UK in 2007 (www.reikidrum.co.uk). I was fortunate to be trained by Sarah in 2019.

Reiki Drum Image:  Petr Sidoroy

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