They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know but that doesn’t mean that you need to send thousands of emails.

Here is a little advice for making moves both online and offline.

Making progress as a professional seems entirely at odds with the lives we’ve lived for the past 18 months. It’s tough to feel like you’re “going places” when you spend most of your time pottering from one room in your home to another. We are more accepting, the dog may want to go for a walk mid zoom call, we’ve seen cats walk in front of computer screens, and those deliveries keep coming! How many times have you had to break away for a moment when a dreaded knock at the door happens, then you are asked to sign for a parcel adding 3 more seconds of normality to our new world!! That said, never lose sight of the people you are meeting with, when online, keeping it professional as can be is paramount, we may be working from home, yet we remain the front face of our business, so do keep in mind how you chose to show up.

That said though, the wellbeing sector has found many ways to keep working, evolving and expanding throughout the pandemic. Wellbeing Is The New Currency so opportunities are out there and as usual, the strength of your network is one thing that can have a big say in whether you can access them. More than ever before, people have turned their attention to their inner world and that of their family members too.

A strong network isn’t necessarily a vast one; it’s one that is perfectly tailored to you, your interests and needs. You don’t need thousands of contacts in order to land your next injection of work, just one that can generate a good lead for you. If you carefully and consciously build a small network, you’ll get far more from it. Take the time to research and understand how each person that you reach out to aligns with your aspirations.

For years now, we’ve all used social platforms to develop our networks and source those opportunities and in light of Covid-19, that part of the game is very much in play. If much of our ongoing connection with this network remains online, it’s worth mentioning that it pays big time to be sincere and invest time and effort so that we’re giving back as well as taking. Check in with people, comment thoughtfully on their posts, read the content that they’re posting and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Getting a “behind the scenes” view of the professional life of someone whose career you look up to will really help you to understand how that part of the industry functions. Let them know that you appreciate those insights and not only will they share more, but you’ll be front and centre of their thoughts if a relevant opportunity crops up.

WWoW Networking emerged in July with Face 2 Face meetings, this was our first human to human meeting since the pandemic swept us all onto zoom in March 2020!

It was such a delight being back together again, just as it used to be, and it’s okay to share with you, the WWoW team have been craving familiarity for a long time now, our sparkle shone bright, as did that of each guest. Not only were great connections made, we laughed our socks off (so to speak). The evening in July felt like a network party and rightly so, a celebration of coming together. We also had guests from Australia who joined us via video – that was a WoW, and this experience has opened doors for our business colleagues who live far and wide.

The reality is, the world is a changed place, I expect forever. Being a realist, it was without doubt during the thinking stage of ‘coming back into the  real world’ if we were to emerge the network to a live setting, we had to make changes to the environment. Health and Safety is at the helm of all we do.

With this, we have a huge business space to network from in Sunbury, Surrey.

Quite frankly, it’s massive, it’s new, and it is as safe as can be. We proudly collaborate with SBF, and network in their Co Working space. Are you joining us?

Take a look at the short video here Networking In A Disruptive World.  The meetings have been restructured going forward to accommodate today’s needs.

Here’s what we anticipate, unless restrictions return that is.

We will host two meetings per month.

2nd Tuesday per month – Face 2 Face

4th Monday per month – Online via Zoom

Face to Face meetings: Ticket options, Pop Up mini biz showcases, bring a friend.

Zoom meetings: Online networking, pitch your business, 121 focus sessions, business spotlight presentation, here’s where you can present your business in heightened detail, a super way to connect at a deeper level with other guests. Do email for details. Bring a friend, transcript supplied following each meeting.

Click here to access all WWoW Network meeting dates and ticket options.

Finding the sparkle in other people’s business while shining a spotlight over yours need not to be stuffy. Here we have a wonderful business community, very supportive and open to new possibilities. We enjoy making new business connections, yet make no mistake about it; we take our business and colleagues seriously. It makes way for a more joyous experience when we support each other along the way.

Read what our clients have to say about WWoW Networking, click here and discover how Ruth Richards regards WWoW as her cheerleaders, and how WWoW has and continues to helped build her business

Are you joining us? We can’t wait to meet you.

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Diane Mitchell

Founder: Wonderful World of Wellbeing