The easing of restrictions has been a long awaited and the temptation to indulge is sometimes difficult to avoid. With the freedom to see friends and family, indoor hospitality open and the return of larger outdoor gatherings, how do we stay healthy as socialising opens up?

Feeling that we are returning to some sort of normality is great and we are really excited to welcome you back indoors to the classes we all love. With the freedom to see friends and family, indoor hospitality open and the return of larger outdoor gatherings, how do we stay healthy as socialising opens up? We all know that increased socialising can impact your good intentions, leading to poorer eating habits, late nights, lethargic mornings, less time to fit your classes in and even peer pressure to skip the gym.

The last thing we want is to deny ourselves after lockdown but staying focused on fitness is so important for physical and mental health. Here we explore how you can still work hard (at the club) and play hard (with your family and friends). It’s all about being smart with your time, mind and planning!

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  • Book ahead realistically
    Plan your exercise routine with an element of flexibility where possible. If you are going out on Friday night, be honest with yourself about whether you’ll bail on Saturday morning. Arrange to work out another time so you can fit your class or gym/pool session in, whilst still being social. If you do end up missing it, don’t beat yourself up. Be kind and get back on track. Tip: use the Thames Club app to plan your week and cancel/re-book in good time!
  • Stick to your fitness commitment
    Missing your favourite class is frustrating, so it’s ok to turn down an invitation if you’d rather be at spinning. You could always meet your friends a bit later and workout first. You’ll feel better for it too. If you’re planning to hit the gym after the pub/cafe, take your kit so you don’t get tempted to skip it. Tip: be accountable by arranging to meet a friend for a workout/class!
  • Make savvy food and drink choices
    As your diary fills up, enjoy those BBQs, belated celebrations and bottomless brunches without undoing your fitness efforts. Know the sorts of foods that you want to be eating more of (e.g. fresh, non-processed, lean, protein-rich) and ones to enjoy in moderation so you can make informed choices. This applies to drinks too – there are definitely healthy and less healthy ways to quench your thirst and hydrate properly. Tip: take a water bottle to social events and sip in between drinks!
  • Adjust your workout
    If you’re feeling more tired, fuzzy headed or dehydrated than planned, it can be tempting to stay on the sofa, but there are alternatives to missing your session entirely. For example, swap weights and high impact workouts for few lengths of the pool or restorative yoga. Tip: avoid working out as a cure for a severe hangover – it can make you worse or injured! Always stop, or stay at home, if you feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Stock up on the right snacks
    Pre- and post-workout food choices are really important. From a fully stocked fruit bowl to smoothie ingredients, having healthy food to hand is so much better than skipping meals or grabbing convenience food (like a coffee shop or pub snack) that can leave you feeling lethargic and bloated. All our gym staff can offer advice on nutrition or optimal meal planning – just ask. Tip: bananas are rich in nutrients needed for exercise performance. They’re also super cheap and easy to digest on the go!
  • Adapt your mindset and stay focused
    As we ease back to the ‘new normal’ (or ‘never normal’) your weekly routine may continue to fluctuate as you work less from home, expand your social circle and take opportunities to travel. Ensure you make time for exercise, which may mean exploring new classes or times to workout. Remember your motivations and goals and why you want to achieve them.

We absolutely encourage you to enjoy easing of lockdown your way, balancing the fun times with healthy choices. Work smart and play smarter avoiding those bad habits that regularly impact your fitness. Rest and recover too – don’t burnout!

We are in this together and always here for you – enjoy!

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