Children are the future for Spiritual Awakening & Ascension

Children need Angels as well as adults too!

We come into this world from Spirit and will return back there when the lessons and learning of having a human life are done. Yet so many forget this and get stuck in the human experience, filled with drama and problems.

We are indeed in the midst of a huge spiritual awakening right now so many are remembering who they are.

Spiritual beings having human reality!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The world is waking up thank goodness, as navigating the human experiences is so much easier when done from the spiritual perspective. 

Sadly, we forget the children in all of this.  They remember exactly who they are yet like previous generations they get “humanised” and shut down from the connections they came in with.

There is so much more to this world than what we can see. Children often see Spirit and Angels and they have “invisible friends” who they want to invite to tea and play often with. This is because they have not been shut down from that and still experiencing Spirit as we all can if we wish and open up to it again.  

If you have little people around you telling you about “something or someone” you can’t see, go with it.  Ask questions and don’t shut them down, believe what they tell you.  You will learn so much from it especially as you keep all your senses open to what you will feel, sense, and know, not just see and hear.

We all need to remember we are fully supported by “The Upstairs”, especially our Angels.  They are ready willing and able to help us in all ways.  I found my Angels when going through a difficult period in my life and they have transformed my life with their strength, love, and support.

When I was working in Social Services taking new referrals and hearing what went on in homes local to me. 

I heard a message clear from the Angels that all children need to know they have access to that strength, love, and support that comes from Angels.

Back then I didn’t know how to go about making that happen, but now I do.  So, Alice was born!  Alice is a little girl who meets her Angel Twinkle after having a bad day at school with a mean boy in her class.

There are 4 stories in this book that demonstrate how the Angels can help young children and the difference they can make using positivity and the Law of Attraction.

Written for children, Alice meets Twinkle is brought to life with colourful images and helps carry an important message, that whatever children are dealing with at home or at school they have an Angel to help them.

Our little people are coming in awake, just like we did and this book will help them on their journey so they like many others don’t need to be shut down, then experience the struggle of opening back up later in life.

Our children are here for the great awakening.

With special thanks to Amanda Tooke; Author of Alice Meets Twinkle. Spiritual Teacher at  The Angel Mystic

Who captured our attention through the spiritual work she teaches to so many. The launch of Alice meets Twinkle, Amanda’s fourth book, was perfect timing to share the good spirit and intentions that brought about this beautifully illustrated book of nothing less than spiritual development and support for children. Albeit, it is written for children, it is for sure going to captivate the reader…who knows, through the power of intention and the law of attraction, these beautiful four stories may inspire the reader to invite their own Angels into their life too.

Let’s sprinkle this magic far & wide, you can order a copy or two for the little ones in and around your life by clicking here

The stories are so captivating, why not order a copy for your own inspiration? Amanda has generously created a special book launch price of £5.99 inc VAT. which is such a small price to pay for such a beautiful gift, the effects of which may just last a lifetime.