If someone had told me, even 8 years ago, that by now I would be working with Spirit, with Mediumship on a daily basis – I would have laughed out loud, and most certainly not believed them.

Yet here we are!!

alison stead

I love my work, and I love the journey – one that I will continue on for the rest of my life … I love people & I love Spirit.

And never ever, do I forget that Spirit are people too, still able to express their thoughts and views, and with their personality still intact.
It really is such a privilege being able to help both worlds simultaneously, and I would like to share my perception of this with you now …

As a Medium I am not here to ‘summon the dead’ – and nor would I want to, as I respect them too much. In fact, it’s quite the opposite … As we all have free will here on earth, so too do those in the world of Spirit.

Actually, Spirit are the ones who choose who they wish to speak with, speak through and when.

Spirit are very clever and will choose to work with a Medium whose energy resonates with their own, and who they feel comfortable with. There will always be a reason for their communication too … usually either celebratory or supportive.

As with people who are living, some Spirits find it easier to communicate than others. Some will need help and encouragement to be able to say what they want to say … as in life, if someone was quite shy, or was very private, it is most likely that they will be the same in Spirit.

I understand that being a Medium is not all about giving Readings from Spirit, and (outwardly perceptively at least) appearing to be ‘light & fluffy’ … Far from it. I acknowledge the need to be fully grounded, present and aware. Let’s not forget, that we are dealing with real lives, real people, on both sides of Life.

And like the Seasons, our lives change … It’s about knowing your stuff, understanding the mechanics of how Spirit communication works. It’s full of unspoken responsibility. It’s about being honest, and having a deep sense of Personal Responsibility … Sometimes it’s about giving guidance – not from Spirit, but in the real world, from a heart-felt point of compassion, in the here and now. It’s about knowing and understanding the difference, and which is most appropriate at the given time.

Sometimes it can be all the above; we never know what aspect will be most needed … who, or what situation we will be faced with. When working with Spirit, we have no idea who, or what (as pets too) will come forward to communicate with their loved one … or indeed, what their loved-one’s response may be.

Working with Spirit can often be emotional (on numerous different levels), humorous, tiring – and on occasions, even awkward. Yes – sometimes yes being a Medium can be difficult … But one thing it never is – is boring!!

When I work with the energy of Spirit, I mainly work with my Clairsentience (meaning that I am made aware, and physically feel how the Spirit person felt and experienced their life). In any one ‘sitting’ – the name given when someone has a Reading, I may work with the energy of a variety of Spirit people who could have experienced any number of conditions, some of which include a heart attack, cancer, mobility issues or a stroke, to amputation, Alzheimer’s, speech impairment, disability or even suicide …

In fact any condition the communicating Spirit may have lived with or experienced, I will feel and experience myself, for various lengths of time and to varying degrees, yet always without detriment to myself. The Spirit person will also make me feel like I am a different height or build to myself, and imprint on me their personality and any of their memories they wish to share; believe me, I have been shown some bizarre things (let’s leave the grubby underpants for another time, shall we?)

… But there is absolute purpose behind all I have mentioned … it is so I am able to accurately present the Spirit’s evidence in such a way so as their loved-one will be sure to recognise them.

“A medium is a Bridge, a Translator; standing between two realms …
We are a Conduit of Energy, Bringing forth messages from beyond this physical world. A Medium is a Healer, and a friend to all Souls …In this world and the next.”
(Words attributed to Kenna, source unknown)

So why do I do this?

Well in all honesty as I see it – one way or another, the purpose of Mediumship, in essence – Healing …
It’s all about helping others. Helping people to find peace, and perhaps on occasions, giving them an opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding.

“Sharing the Whisperings of Spirit – Bringing peace of mind from the Other Side” as I like to say, really does go a long way in helping to heal the heartache for everyone – my clients here on the earth plane, and those wonderful people in Spirit too.

But most of all, it’s about enabling others to truly know that conscious life continues after our physical death, so people are able to learn for themselves that Love, especially, never, ever, dies …

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Love & Brightest Blessings
Alison xxx.