You know how hard it is to reach new clients… what it feels like when you’re aligned with a brand immersed in passion for bringing wellbeing businesses into the spotlight.

When your marketing goes wrong it hurts.

It hurts more than almost anything else in your business. It disrupts every aspect of what you work for including how you feel about yourself. It can be all-consuming and exhausting.

If you’re like most of our clients who see us as their support team with providing appropriate successful platforms such as this, that will enable you to be seen, engage with people who connect with you and extend your client reach, your business life will elevate.

Your business marketing efforts have been filled with pain and strife for far too long. On the one hand, you may feel hopeless and think it’s never going to be any different and you sometimes feel like you’re jinxed to fail at promoting your business.

Yet on the other hand, you don’t want to give up trying. You want to share your amazing business with the world, be seen and enjoy meeting and working with new clients. You just don’t know how!

The endorsements, videos and testimonies below are proof that my team and I can bring new clients to you.


Acceptance in the WWoW business community has helped me go beyond the mainstream community. WWoW has been instrumental in me building my business. My clients have come from WWoW and now they are my cheer leaders. I attend their network meetings, exhibit in WWoW festivals. Now it really is important for me and my business growth to be part of WWoW-Online. A place where people can see my offering. I am not a marketer, so being here is significant, A place where people can more easily find me. Being part of something bigger. I will continue to promote my business. WWoW takes away the ‘how do I do this online’.

Ruth Richards, Hypnotherapist & Oracle Card Reader

It’s not because you haven’t tried to market your business…

You’ve tried again and again to apply different methods of promoting your business, which are exhaustive. Endless hours of self promoting get in the way of your down time and “enjoying your business”.

Now the whole world has been pushed online, you are wondering, ‘how do I get found among the billions of others scrambling for presence?’.

The problem is that “exhaustive” attempts to do it all yourself, leave you feeling alone, frazzled and frustrated.

It just doesn’t make sense. But one thing you do know is you want your “frazzled” to end.

Trust is key, our brand has earned this since we began.

Keep scrolling to see how our online community can help you and your business…

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And this is where being part of something bigger; aligning your business with a respectable proven wellbeing brand comes in…

What’s more, unlike other web platforms, once you begin getting clients you keep all the money you earn.

In other words, you only invest in us once a year and we do not charge commissions. There are no hidden costs with us. This is – I’m told – one of the main reasons our therapists and experts stay with us year after year. It’s our aim that once you join us you’ll never have to go searching for clients again.

You’ll just do what you’re good at and leave us to do all the technical work and bring clients to you, predetermined to do business with you.

How can we make this bold claim? Simply this.

We’re like the “Google” of wellbeing. When people search the web, our name gets in front of them


  • Because we are an ethical brand offering practical solutions to common health issues.
  • We are a well-established “authority” site that Google looks favourably on.
  • No start-up platform can compete because Google won’t even look at them properly for four to six months.

Yes, I know there are other sites you could join, but are they passionate about getting you clients, or do they just want your money?

Do they have a team of SEO strategists that get their website ranking as high in Google, so they are seen before the rest? And does their CEO understand the health market because they have been through health hell like I have?

Take a moment to watch our videos because they are all the proof you need that The Wonderful World of Wellbeing is the best choice you can make so that you can help more people and be paid what you’re worth. After you’ve finished watching these videos feel free to complete the online enquiry form if you have any questions, take a look at our  member packages and join us or dive in and connect with our wellbeing providers.

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To get the whole story, hop over to the about section from the main menu and read all about it. Right here now, you have a full variation of experts who will enable you to lift your life and that of your family, lots of expert trusted choices.

Membership packages
Membership enquiries
Connect with wellbeing providers


“I came across WWoW by complete chance and they helped me think about how to shape my offering to people.

WWoW has helped me build my business. My clients have come from WWoW and now they are my cheerleaders.

Now it really is important for me and my business growth to be part of WWoW-Online. a place where people can more easily find me. Being part of something bigger.

I will continue to promote my business. WWoW takes away the ‘how do I do this online”
Ruth Richards

“Thank you so much for all your help; it has been an amazing journey so far, and as always huge gratitude to you for all your encouragement and support. The journey can and will only get better, in fact, it already is.”
Christian Jensen

“A few years ago, I knew that I wanted to change direction, to begin a new life path, I had felt stuck for quite some time, not knowing quite where I was, who I was or where I wanted to go, I just knew that something needed to change! Then I walked into this Mind, Body and Spirit event in my local town, where there wasn’t really much that I felt drawn to, yet in the corner of the room, was a stand, that I guess I was just being led to, that connection was to change my life, my direction, a whole new beginning, a new and exciting journey. Now I didn’t expect it to be easy, I knew I would really have to work for it, and when I started to see the potential in myself, and the realisation of the impact I could go on to have on those around me, on the lives of other people, the passion grew stronger and stronger within me.

It may have ultimately been me that has created that change, but without the huge support of ‘Diane Mitchell’ and the ‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing’, I am not so sure I would have been able to keep pushing forward, like I have.

I have attended numerous ‘WWoW’ festivals both in London and in Yorkshire, along with the in-person & online networking, right from the beginning, knowing that I had that support of a strong, well recognised brand in what is the ‘Wonderful World of Wellbeing’ has been truly phenomenal.

I am so excited as things have evolved. And now with the evolution of the bigger aspects of ‘WWoW – Online’ I trust and know that it can only get better.”
Christian Jensen

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