Thriving Life with Healy
Healy - Frequencies for Your Health, Wellness and Movement
Healy - Frequencies for Your Health, Wellness and Movement
Healy - Frequencies for Your Health, Wellness and Movement
Healy - Frequencies for Your Health, Wellness and Movement
Healy - Frequencies for Your Health, Wellness and Movement

Healy – Frequencies for Health, Wellbeing, and Balance

Imagine taking back control of your life!
Imagine saying goodbye to brain fog and sluggishness.

Imagine feeling alive, enjoying a robust immune system,
having the energy to do what you want
and be at your best at all times.

Imagine a safe, effective way to relieve pain and be at ease
without relying on drugs or chemicals.
Imagine having a balanced frame of mind,
feeling calmer and sleeping better.

Imagine having an intelligent wellness support system at your fingertips
that communicates with your body,
identifies different imbalances you may be suffering from,
and provides you with customised support in real time!

A system not only you can enjoy
but can also serve each member of your family.

Too good to be true?

I have great news for you! This dynamic wellness support system is now within your reach!

Made in Germany to the highest standards, Healy is the first-ever smartphone-controlled personal frequency wearable device that energetically supports you with the use of individualised microcurrents and frequencies.

Healy is certified by the EU and cleared by the US FDA as a medical wearable for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, fibromyalgia, and migraine, the symptomatic relief, and management of chronic pain associated with arthritis, skeletal pain, and muscle soreness due to overexertion. It is also a supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and related sleep disorders.

In addition, Healy has non-medical applications that use a range of Individualised Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonise your bioenergetic field and relieve stress.

We are only as healthy as our cells.

Our often less-than-healthy lifestyle puts stress on our cells and disrupts their natural functions. Healy restores your cells to their natural homeostasis with subtle microcurrents and harmonises your bioenergetic information field with Individualised Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF) and scalar waves.

No more hooking up too big machines

This pocket-size wearable can help increase your cells’:

  • ATP synthesis (energy production) by 500%;
  • protein synthesis by 70%;
  • amino-acid transportation by 40%.

What sets Healy apart is its patented Quantum Sensor

The Quantum Sensor communicates with your body continuously throughout the program and tailors frequency applications to your specific needs in that moment in time. No other microcurrent frequency device on the market does that.

Healy’s parent company TimeWavers has over 15 years of research and clinical experience in Information Field Technology.

144,000 Frequencies, 133 Programs, 5 Editions, 1 Quantum Sensor

With 144,000 gold frequencies to choose from, Healy offers a complete support system for your vitality and well-being – including systemic support, sleep, emotional and mental balance, pain relief, fitness, beauty, skin, meridians, chakras and much more. It is a very powerful tool to use in conjunction with exercise and nutrition.

You can use Healy to structure water. Practitioners can use Healy to complement their practice and help clients get better lasting results faster. Healy also has distant analysis and remote session capabilities.

Why not contact me for a free remote scan session to find out more?

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