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Libby Steggles-Ginn is the creator of The Emoji Coach, dedicating her specialist work to empowering children and families by leading them to their own light in meaningful natural ways.

Libby is passionate about helping children and young people to be their true selves, lighting up their paths, helping them to see and believe in who they are so they can reach their true potential and happiness.

Libby works with parents, young people and teens helping them to connect to and manage their emotions and helping them to see that their feelings aren’t scary monsters and that they are a significant part of us. She provides programmes with straightforward and practical tools that will help you the parent and child/teen to express feelings without having to find the words, which will enable you to create pathways of powerful communication within your family which will also create more peace and harmony. By providing emotional coaching for children and parents, Libby can help empower families through creative methods.

Libby works internationally online and has amazing results by empowering the parents to step into their personal power and parent from their hearts rather than getting caught up in how everyone else thinks they should be parenting their children.

Libby can connect to who she is working with very quickly, and her Intuition and use of energy are her greatest gifts.
She will feel what is going on for the person and has a big toolkit full of different tools that will help to empower the client and clear any anxieties, shocks or traumas.

Benefits for the parents;

  • Helping Parents feel confident about their parenting skills rather than beating themselves up and feeling like they have failed
  • Being able to parent from the present moment rather than being triggered by your past
  • Helping them to have a better understanding of what is going on for their child/young person
  • Be able to create pathways of powerful communication with their child/young person, teenager in such a way that brings peace and harmony rather than frustration and shouting
  • Be able to build on the relationship and have some fun with the child/young person
  • Have more free time rather than constantly feeling stressed and having to sort out emotional issues
  • Get back to enjoying being a parent

“When Libby begins working with a child it is the whole family that she is working with, which as a parent is nice to know we have a bit of a safety net ourselves.”

Benefits for the children are:

  • Giving them confidence, good self-esteem and self-belief
  • Compassion and respect
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Helping them to understand their emotions
  • Helping them to manage and take responsibility for their emotions
  • Increase positive thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Belief in themselves and their future
  • Helping them to feel safe and understood
  • Helping them to have a more secure, healthier and happier future.


The Emoji Chart which is a straight forward and highly effective “Emotional Intelligence” tool which has such a powerful impact on children/young people, in the family home and the classroom.
It is a fun way for children to understand, express, manage and regulate their emotions and gain Emotional Intelligence whilst feeling safe and understood.

Which will help them grow their confidence and self-esteem, giving them self- awareness and recognition of their own feelings and knowing how to manage them.

This tool takes the frustration out of parenting and teaching, allowing good communication to flow and building rapport within the family unit and classroom. Children no longer feel that they are misunderstood, and parents and teachers stop feeling like they have failed.

The other tools that Libby has created are:

  • Affirmation Cards to help build belief, confidence and self-esteem in the children/young people.
  • Values cards to help children and young people to know what their values are, which will help to build their resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

When you contact Libby, she will arrange for you to have a complimentary chat so you can both find out more information. You can also go to her website – where you will find an open resource centre with lots of tips and advice and tools to help you and your child/young person.

United Kingdom, LS8 4AL, West Yorkshire, Leeds

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    Libby will undoubtedly get to the bottom of your issue
    Joanna Bristow-Watkins
    Walton-on-Thames, Surrey , United Kingdom
    I've known Libby for about 18 months and in that time, we've collaborated and worked together on a number of occasions. She can approach a problem systematically, promptly get to the heart of what is going on and offer simple and practical solutions. You may be feeling at your wits' end, but after a consultation with Libby, you will find the problems you're experiencing in your life will quickly seem more manageable. As the Founder of The Emoji Coach, Libby specialises in helping to smooth relationships between parents and kids, providing helpful suggestions for both children and adults within the relationship. However, if you've discovered Libby through her reputation for giving youngsters good coping strategies, you can rest assured that she has lots of other therapies in her portfolio if anyone else in the household needs support.