Sound Journey by Christian

​My name is Christian and I am the founder of ‘SoundJourneybyChristian’.

I am a fully qualified Sound Therapist, Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner, with each respective area of practice complementing each other, all aiding in bringing wellbeing through Sound, Vibration and Energy.

I have a wealth of knowledge in each of these aspects of wellbeing, both from personal life experiences, as well as having previously worked for small and large corporate businesses, primarily within the hospitality sector, both on land and at sea. The impact that these modalities of wellbeing have had upon me, have been profound, so I understand well, the significant benefits that each of these practices can have upon you or your company, both personally and professionally, whatever your situation and circumstances in life.

As a practitioner, it is profoundly important to me, that I hold space for you in a professional and compassionate way, so that I can assist you on a journey that will aid in the healing of your mind, body and spirit, whether this be on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level, helping to return you to a positive state of health and wellbeing.

The services I offer centre around connection, whether that be on an individual basis or within a group setting. Working with you in a supportive and non – judgemental way, compassion, consideration and support is at the heart of everything I do.

Sound therapy can be tailored to your requirements, whether this is as an individual or in a group, school, corporate or healthcare setting. Sessions are available as a means of simple relaxation, through to much deeper transformation, to assist in ones individual journey or as a team building experience, retreats, private gatherings & events, talks and workshops.

Mindfulness and Meditation generally form a part of the Sound Therapy sessions on offer, but can also be arranged as a separate experience tailored to your requirements.

Didgeridoo workshops are available for individuals or in a group setting, whether it is for a school workshop or corporate team building session and other private events as a light hearted and fun activity.

The significant benefits of Sound Therapy and other modalities of wellbeing, include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of stress & anxiety
  • Reduced sickness/ improved productivity
  • Improved mental clarity/ memory recall
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Improved energy/ better overall health & wellbeing

If you are looking to make that change towards a happier, healthier way of life, whether on a personal or professional level for yourself or your employees, by assisting with physical, emotional and mental aspects of day to day life, the benefits of Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness are limitless.

All sessions are available either in person or online, I look forward to you experiencing the healing work that I share.

Have a look at my website and discover more about Sound Therapy and all the other therapies on offer or even better get in touch by phone or email, for a chat or to discuss your requirements. I look forward to hearing from and assisting you on your journey, Christian.

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