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Welcome to Soul Spirit! Inspire yourself through meditation and visualisation techniques and enjoy self-expression and dance with my easy to follow Dance in to Your Power, video tutorial!

Listen to Podcasts on Spirituality, Dance, Creativity and much much more… There will also be Special Guest Podcast for you to enjoy All from the comfort of your own home… And so we begin…

During lockdown I created three experiences that you can indulge in from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Dance into your power is a 30 day movement /dance course that encompasses gentle guided movement, visualisation techniques that has been created to inspire your confidence and creativity

With no tricky dance steps to learn, this video tutorial course includes both visualisation and movement combined. The idea is to use this once a week or more, keep a dance diary and by doing so, you will discover how your inspiration, feelings and confidence improve over time. Dance into Your Power 30 day course is suitable for those interested in movement/dance and makes beautiful unusual unique gifting too at a cost of £14.40.



Hi, I am Michele. Pleased you meet you here and look forward to engaging with you to reflect on your experience that Soul Spirit present to you.

Attune To The Elements, also a popular choice which is a 30 day meditation and visualisation course. This is suitable for those looking for a sense of presence, to cultivate staying there whilst enjoying the moment. This course will provide insight to attune and balance with the elements, that being: Earth – Air – Fire – Water – Spirit. I recommend you keep an element diary, this way you can monitor the changes and growth that may take place for you whilst moving through both the meditations & visualisations. The cost is a one off payment of £14.40. Click here to purchase if you are gifting ‘Attune To The Elements’ to another.

Soul Spirit has everything, a fuller experience that includes; guided meditations, visualisations, podcasts, guest podcasts, and easy to follow movement and dance video tutorial. This includes 8 modules, but don’t panic…you have a whole month to enjoy the exercises and audios…At the end of the month you will be invited to join me in a Q & A zoom call where we will explore any questions you may have or to simply share your experience

All experiences make way for unique gifting too. Hop over to my website that will take you to a variety of options that you can consider both for yourself and others as gifting.

Gifting Vouchers:

Click here to view my other works by Dance To Your Power.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Michele x

United Kingdom, TW3 2DU, London, Hounslow, 12A Hounslow Gardens

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