Ruth Richards Coaching

I’m Ruth Richards and I teach people to connect to their intuition.

We all have intuition, but in the hustle and bustle of our lives, it gets ignored.

I know that when I am fully connected to my intuition life gets easier and I feel more empowered.

I would love more people, especially women, to feel that way too.

More than ever our intuition is needed to make our part of the world a better place.

Over many years my self-development has been focused on learning and understanding all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to me since childhood. That was how I came to understand that I have intuition, how to work with it and where it comes from.

This self-development was an investment of time and money and so worth it. I now understand myself better and how I can use my intuition to make life easier for me and to feel more empowered.

Having had a long corporate career working all over the world, my purpose now is to teach other people about intuition and to show them how they can deeply connect to their intuition to feel more empowered.

How to work with me

Group Programmes in Leeds
I offer group programmes and I work with clients individually.

My flagship group programme is The Intuition Connection which runs twice yearly. Details can be found on my website

It’s an 8 week online and interactive programme that guides you to explore and deeply connect to your intuition. Each week you receive video lessons and course materials, and I hold a weekly group call to answer questions and explore more deeply the subject for that week. It is an amazing experience and you can follow the course in your own time.

Individual Appointments: Oracle Card Readings and Regress:Progress in Leeds

Oracle Cards are an integral part of my life and intuition practice. I use my intuition to give clients messages from the Universe with Oracle Card Readings.

Every time I read for a Client, I am filled with awe at the meaning it has for the client and the reassurance, and the calm and peace they find from the Reading.

Appointments for Oracle Card Readings can be scheduled through my website using this link:

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I offer Past Life Regression and Future Self Progression hypnotherapy.

A Past Life Regression can help clients who feel like they are stuck or have limiting beliefs but don’t know why. Or they are curious to know what might have happened in a previous life.

Future Self Progression is a powerful way to connect with your future self and ask him/her for guidance to progress from where you are now. This session provides clients with reassurance about their path, whether it is work related or a relationship, and gives them a blueprint of what to action in their life right now.

I offer a complementary 30 minute consultation in Leeds, North Yorkshire and to find out more, please make an appointment

United Kingdom, LS27 9PS, West Yorkshire, Leeds, 12 Rooms Fold, Morley

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