Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK
Ohashiatsu® School UK

Ohashiatsu® in the service of health specialising in prevention and holistic wellbeing

My name is Caterina Matteoda, Ohashiatsu® Practitioner and Instructor.

Ohashiatsu® is an internationally recognised, unique method of toning and contact healing developed by Master Ohashi over 45 years ago.


What I Offer:

  • private treatments
  • training courses
  • self-healing techniques


Ohashiatsu® Treatments:

  • Ohashiatsu® helps balance energy and wellbeing through stretching and a gentle continuous touch practiced on the body.
  • Ohashiatsu® is an invigorating contact method based on oriental healing philosophy.
  • The session is a moment of deep relaxation and inner listening.

The benefits are immediate:

  • Relief of the most common physical symptoms, such as fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, or headache
  • Increase of the body’s natural defenses
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increase in the functions of internal organs
  • Relief in states of stress
  • Greater physical and mental vitality

Wellbeing  Investment”

  • Price £60 duration 1 hour
  • Advanced bookings of 3 treatments £170
  • Advanced bookings of 6 treatments £335


Training Courses:

Why study Ohashiatsu®?

For laypeople: the healing techniques Ohashiatsu® can be used immediately on yourself, family and friends. The meditation and exercises in the course work help you become healthier and less stressed.

For professionals: the principles behind Ohashiatsu® will help you save your body from injury and fatigue. Ohashiatsu® goes far beyond body mechanics – it helps you improve your health while you are working. Learning to use the strength from “Hara” rather than your muscles, benefits your clients, giving you the possibility to work more in depth and efficiently.

Studying Ohashiatsu® means starting a journey of self-discovery and self-healing.

Each course consists of a theoretical part, movement meditation exercises, and a practical part of working on the meridians and on the body.

The study program is divided into two levels:

  • Basic level of Ohashiatsu® (certificate)
  • Professional level of Ohashiatsu® (specialisation).

Self-healing techniques

It is a personalised online package of 6 individual lessons lasting one hour every 7 days, useful for:

  • rebalancing the energy system
  • promoting circulation of vital force
  • preventing diseases and slowing down aging.

You will learn simple and natural self-treatment exercises, meridian stretching, acupressure, and meditation comfortably at home.

A precious routine that you can do in less than half an hour at any time of the day.

There are no age limits to perform the stretches, the important thing is to always respect your body and have patience, because, with constant practice, the meridians will gradually rebalance and the body will become softer and more elastic.

Price: £359 p/p. Group bookings are welcome


About Me

I am Italian. I am passionate about natural, alternative medicine and shamanism.

My passion for natural healing methods began when I had a personal encounter with the depths of depression.

My healing process began when I enrolled in the Italian Institute of Naturopathy in Urbino and started receiving Ohashiatsu® treatments that completely changed my life by improving it in every aspect.

I fell in love with Ohashiatsu®! And I started studying it and graduated in 2011.

From then until 2015 I worked privately as an Ohashiatsu® consultant integrating moxibustion, foot reflexology, flower therapy and Swedish massage.

It has become my mission to transform people’s lives so they can have success, happiness and health, so in 2019 I founded Ohashiatsu® school UK.


Now I am fully operational in both Surrey and Yorkshire

You can book into my centers in Ashford, Addlestone, Bisley in Surrey, as well as  Baildon and York in Yorkshire. 

Click to view my course schedule and booking options

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    It wasn't just a massage, it was an Ohashiatsu massage
    United Kingdom
    The weekend is almost upon us. Although my work is not yet over for today, usually by this time of the week I am feeling the 'it's Thursday feeling'. Today, I feel energized, the extra point of difference is - last Sunday I treated myself to another massage. It wasn't just a massage though, it was an Ohashiatsu massage. With huge thanks and gratitude to Caterina for such a beautiful treatment xx
    Helped to increase my flexibility and energy
    Sally Reynolds
    United Kingdom
    Caterina Matteoda and her lovely exercise programme "Self-healing Techniques" which has helped to increase my flexibility and energy, looking forward to my treatment with her too.
    Josie Wood
    Josie Wood
    United Kingdom
    I very much enjoy going to Caterina for an Ohashiatsu treatment. She has a magical touch exuding a confidence as a body worker that allows me to totally relax and feel safe in her hands. I first went to Caterina when I was feeling exhausted after moving house. I quickly felt the benefit from the initial treatment and now I continue to have regular sessions with Caterina as it helps me maintain general well-being.
    Kalyani Ma Mukti
    Kalyani Ma Mukti
    United Kingdom
    Caterina is a very experienced and intuitive practitioner that will transform your body from stressed and tensed into a relaxed grounded state. She listens deeply to where you need to release tension and guides your muscles into letting go. I would highly recommend you experience her skills and let work her magic with your body.