“Having experienced a few mindfulness workshops previously that I found difficult to get, I joined Diane’s private mindfulness sessions because for a long time I have been a total over thinker which causes me anxiety. Diane`s sessions was totally different to what I had experienced previously. I found myself not only engaged, I really enjoyed the practise. This was because how Diane clearly explained the processes, the natural responses I may have whilst practising both in the sessions and afterwards. She was spot on, this alleviated some of the distractions from my mind because I was not wondering if my inner reactions were normal or not, I felt safe in going through the changes. This was a great help with few less things to think about whilst actually being mindful.  What I found set Diane apart from previous classes I have attended is the way she teaches mindfulness.  Diane makes it totally relatable, even funny in parts which I was not expecting.  You just know her experience is massive, there isn’t one corner left unturned, she pre-empts enough so that when I am in the practise it is less to think about. This is so helpful.

This I found to be a great set of classes, felt myself changing at different stages and thankful for the follow up call in between too. I do now know that I have mindfulness ‘in my cells’ as Diane says.

Thank you for a great experience and spending the time in detail which has helped unscramble my thinking and feeling safe at the same time. It was just what was needed but I had struggled before to find the right person to help me. If anyone is looking to change their thinking and prepared to do the practise, Diane is the one. “