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I am a Homeopath with over 23 years in practice and qualified at the London School of Classical Homeopathy. Offering consultations and remedies for those looking for transformative health or a well-being recovery program. I am licensed, insured, and a member of the Complementary Medical Association.


I am also a Homeopathic, Green Wellie Mentor for animal owners, and have skills in supervision and offer reflective practice for groups or individuals.  I use the GIBBS Reflective Cycle and for those interested in something a little more esoteric, Therapeutic Tarot readings are also available.


Having co-designed and self-published the Homeopathic Tarot, which has sold internationally, I often write articles and give workshops on Homeopathy and Tarot.



The Homeopathic consultation is an individual and in-depth, detailed assessment of health patterns, past health problems, and family history. It is possible to discuss whether a lifestyle change could be of healthful benefit to the client. The consultation provides a safe and confidential place to talk and an individual recovery program can be suggested to achieve a better sense of well-being. The Homeopathic consultation is formulated reflectively and many clients enjoy having the time to talk and discuss their symptoms.


A homeopathic prescription is made and the remedy is either given at the end of the consultation or posted after further research and repertorisation. A follow-up is highly recommended to see how the client is progressing.


All clients must continue to take any medication that has been prescribed to them by their GPs and maintain a good relationship with their medical providers. I draw on my knowledge and experience from varied courses and CPD, such as nutrition with the BSY, Tibetan bLa Healing, and Transcendental Meditation.


If you are looking for a lifestyle change and improved well-being, give me a ring and I endeavour to help. I practice in Twickenham and also offer online appointments.

United Kingdom, TW2 5HG, Twickenham

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