Harmony Healing: Spiritual Consciousness

Through Harmony Healing, Joanna offers a range of items including meditations & mentoring packages for spiritual seekers, curious for knowledge & support, wherever they are on their learning journey.

Given the right tools, wouldn’t you choose to expand your consciousness to feel at one with our beautiful planet, all life forms, the constellations and even far galaxies?

My mentoring programme centres around accessing ancient wisdom and rediscovering lost knowledge to navigate the modern world and live a more fulfilled and fulfilling life.

Prices current at November 2020

• 1:1 Distant Healing Session from £120
• Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE®) Egyptian Alchemy Healing online training from £266 (Intro level)
• Mindful Chakra Alignment & Essene Angelology Online Modules, £66 each
• Personal Guardian Angel Charts (£30) and Attunements (£50)
• Remote Reading from £60
• Monthly Healing Circle Meditation with Global Healing, £11
• Meditation downloads from £9.99 (less for subscribers)
• Past Life Workshops – from £35
• Visits to ancient sites can be arranged, price on application

Remote (Distant) Healing*

Spiritual and energetic healing restores and harmonises your life energy and increases the body’s ability to heal itself. A gentle and effective practice, this energy work is similar to Reiki, and yet differs in subtle ways. You can read more about my (RSE®) Egyptian Alchemy Healing on this site at Ancient Healing for Modern Living.

Unlike passive healing modalities, my sessions are interactive; I give you feedback on what your body’s energy field reflects back to me. This allows you to fully participate in the healing process.

I call upon angels or Egyptian deities to assist and use crystalline energy. Some people notice colours or tangible sensations in their body simultaneous to the healing taking place.

This type of healing is as effective remotely as face-to-face sessions and is ideal for these COVID-19 times. The session is fully recorded and sent over to you via DropBox. A 30-minute Zoom follow-up discussion is an optional extra.

Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE®) Egyptian Alchemy Healing Training

My RSE® Egyptian Alchemy Healing is mentored via stand-alone interactive online modules, see Ancient Healing for Modern Living on this site.

Mindful Chakra Alignment Online Module £66

Spiritual mentors acknowledge that our chakras and energy-body meridians within us were once ‘plugged in’ to the Universal Grid by axiatonal lines which have become dormant. In this module, we activate and reawaken these by demonstrating some simple techniques you can integrate into your daily practice. For many, this leads to a heightened experience of Unity Consciousness.

Introduction to Essene Angelology Online Module £66

As sister to best-selling UK angel author Angela McGerr, I am well-versed in Essene Angelology, the philosophy of a healing sect living around the Dead Sea around 2000 years ago. This module demonstrates how to invoke some key angels, together with their associated colours, crystals, symbols etc.

Intuitive Readings*

These involve a distant or live Zoom video session and ‘tuning-in’ for the most pertinent message(s) available at the time of treatment. A pre-treatment consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your needs, intention, and comfort levels and a brief report follows the reading.

The reading can relate to personal healing needs (Heart Quest), life purpose (Soul Quest) or Past Lives. With your permission, I connect with your energy field (heart-to-heart) and ‘read’ the messages to offer you some gentle life guidance.

Guardian Angel charts and Attunements

Using my sister Angela’s published resources, I draw up a chart of your personal weekday, zodiac and elemental Guardian Angels plus the associated crystals, colours, metals, planets, talismans, essences and flowers should you wish to create an altar in your home.

An optional attunement into the three personal Guardian Angels can be included for an additional fee.

Introduction to Essene Angelology Online Module £66

As sister to best-selling UK angel author Angela McGerr, I am well-versed in Essene Angelology, the philosophy of an ancient healing sect living in the Dead Sea area. This module demonstrates how to invoke some key angels, together with their associated colours, crystals, symbols etc. Carousel shows Ariel by Richard Rockwood from Angela’s Harmony Angel Cards.

Monthly Virtual Healing Circles

I provide a distant chakra balancing and unity consciousness taster experience. These virtual healing circles have been surprisingly profound and have involved international gatherings.

During this 2-hour session, we connect with other like-minded people and together we work through a mindful chakra balancing process using colours and etheric crystals, with the aim that all participants will experience a degree of unity consciousness.

Joining one of these Virtual Healing Circles is a great introduction to my work.

Downloadable MP3 Meditations

We have Egyptian-themed meditations plus a Chakra Balancing and Global healing MP3.

Our Unity Consciousness Meditation aims to bring balance within us and to our environment.

Other Services

Pre-lockdown I was offering Past Life workshops and sacred site visits to Stonehenge/Avebury and further afield.

I’m a TFBI (The Forest Bathing Institute) certified Forest Bathing+ Guide offering public, private and corporate Forest Bathing+ Sessions (see Nature Therapy & Forest Bathing).

*Note: If you have any physical symptoms, this should not replace a visit to a qualified medical professional.

United Kingdom, KT12 3BH, Surrey, Walton-on-Thames, 23 Severn Drive

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    Healing Circle
    Agata Majchrak
    REDHILL, United Kingdom
    Although my journey with Jo started much earlier the monthly meetings Healing Circle opened my eyes to what my heart desire the most: give and receive love, light and healings. The wonderful guided meditation during healing circle every time brings my vibration higher and I can feel this deep connection with all, mother Earth and father Sky. This is spiritual bliss to me. Jo is so natural and passionate about what she loves that it is positively contagious and I can't recommend more for others to try one of her modules, healings or joining our monthly healing circle. Whatever your calling is, you would be able to find answers here.
    Wonderful courses! Totally recommended!
    London , United Kingdom
    "I just completed the Reyad Sekh Em level 1 and Khemitology and Essene angels couse and I am buzzing with excitement! Joanna is a wonderful person with amazing knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations and I can confidently say that it is a beautiful course to do regardless of your religious beliefs, whether you are (or not) a Reiki/holistic therapist. There is a lot of theory and practice to learn but also so much more that you can research and practice afterwards. You will learn some profound ancient knowledge that will deepen your understanding and awareness about life in general. The most important is that you can access and communicate with the angels and divine energies/beings regardless of your religion and beliefs. There is some powerful tools to use every day and improve your life in all levels." Fiora, London
    New Year New Vision Lunar Cycle Programme
    "I want to thank Jo for devising this terrific New Year New Vision lunar cycle programme, and creating the space for such a wonderfully diverse group presence. It has been an opportunity - in my case - to truly focus in on what life is calling me to do; my main goal throughout has been to get my life kick-started again... dream my dreams into existence in the now, rather than leave them languishing in a dusty pile."
    New Year New Vision Lunar Cycle Programme
    "The New Year New Vision lunar cycle programme was very beneficial – it gave me new aspirations that lasted all year. And are still continuing. My favourite part/activity was the Melchisadec chant and the equilibrium exercise (I still use both). And also the fact that the course made it possible for me acquaint myself with new international celebrations and traditions. The New Moon exercise, abundance cheques and the detoxing with the sunflower oil. I loved the distant attunements! Very inspirational. I felt spiritual, mental and physical tingling sensations. They did me a world of good."
    New Year New Vision Lunar Cycle Programme
    "I found identifying certain issues and establishing various goals, focused the energies of mind, body and spirit. Working with natural lunar and seasonal energies, alongside meditation, certainly added to the strength of resolve needed to work towards the goals I wished to achieve. For me, I felt the New Year New Vision lunar cycle programme was a natural alchemy, I enjoyed all of it as it seemed to fit together like a spiritual jigsaw; the vision board being the focus and physical gathering together of aims and objectives for manifestation. I would also add that the benefits of this programme continued to influence my life in a positive fashion for the rest of the year. Thank you Jo, I will certainly follow the programme again."
    Unity Consciousness, Axiatonal Re-alignment & Global Healing Guided Meditation
    "Thank you so much for that meditation. I am sure it is the most powerful and meaningful meditation I have EVER done! I really can't thank you enough! Sending you endless blessings of love and light."
    "I just finished the Chakra Healing meditation. So lovely! I saw and felt all of the colors swirling and moving through, adjusting. The connection with the universe and heavenly bodies was fantastic. Sensed being able to share the healing with Gaia and all life, especially the ancient forests! Thank you so much, dear Jo!"
    Chakra Balancing & Global Healing Meditation
    "I was surprised how profound my first meditation experience with Jo was. Very emotional for me at one point. Particularly around healing the world and the Woodlands. I also appreciated sending, and being willing to receive, loving energy with others. Although I try to let go of thoughts as such and not start intellectualising, towards the end there as you talked about the others meditating today, I imagined a large circle of us waaay out in the universe in a circle around the globe. I saw you, and Katie, and other folks that I’ve met who I imagine may have been meditating with us."
    Healing Circle
    "I have attended a few weeklong workshops within different spiritual practices. The level of unity consciousness I experienced with Joanna’s online healing circle, I would normally expect to only reach five days into a workshop. Not after an hour or so on a virtual meet up. Incredibly powerful attunement and global healing. Thanks to Joanna’s beautifully guided meditations the momentum builds and builds. Extremely grateful for Joanna’s talents and the other members of the group. A heart expanding experience connecting to the cosmos and healing via the higher realms."
    "I have received both healing from Joanna and also attended a number of her workshops, courses and talks. I have found Jo to be professional, interesting, inspiring and astoundingly intuitive. She has a wealth of knowledge and ability and I have no qualms in recommending her services. Thank you Jo."