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“I really, really did enjoy meeting you and Katie and Jen and I got sooooo much out of my first experience. I have managed to spend quite a bit of time in nature since and have emulated aspects of our walk but in Richmond Park mainly. From tomorrow I plan to do the same up the road at Wimbledon common (social distancing permitting). I have also told a lot of people about the positivity of the experience- especially myself being a reformed cynic and there has been a lot of interest from both my male and female friends. When we are back in some shape of normality I can only hope that there is a general change in attitude in not only building up the immune system but also empathy towards each other which I think one can achieve through meditative walking. I will definitely see you at some point in the future when socialising rules relax! I really enjoyed the sensory walk and tuning into the different senses. I normally struggle to initially focus and was very surprised by how quickly I zoned into the forest and switched off the ambient traffic noise that surrounds Newlands Corner. I enjoyed the whole session as everything fell into place.

When I made an energy connection with a particular Tree. That really stands out also the 1000 year old trees – they were incredible. I suppose my number 2. moment was actually achieving a meditative state and waking up under the canopy of those beautiful trees. It was the first time I’ve enjoyed and felt like I’d achieved the aim of the meditation. This completely enlightened me about the power of nature and being in it and soaking it up when one can. I have been trying to since. It’s definitely good for the soul. I would go Forest bathing again in a heartbeat- I have one weekday off per week in my current job so I will definitely take advantage of that or book a days annual leave and join you again. I have recommended it to several people and there is genuine interest from people I know in joining you. I would only reiterate the importance of being dressed appropriately with hats gloves warm socks and enough layers on the bottom half too.”

Overall rating