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Grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind. In itself, grief is neither a pathological condition nor a personality disorder.

“Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.”

We have all experienced grief in some way since the onset of Covid 19, particularly with lockdowns and all the changes and uncertainties that resulted from that time, which for many are still continuing.

How can I help you?

Using the Grief Recovery method we will explore why you feel you need support at this time. We will work together to explore your history of loss and look at what you have learnt about loss, what coping strategies you have learnt over time. We then explore helpful ways of working with your loss and grief. Grief Recovery is not counselling. It is focused on your loss and grief, why you need support, and why now.

About me

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, soul midwife and also holistic therapist. I am passionate about working and supporting people in their healing process. My experience includes assisting patients and families through their grief recovery while also aiding staff who are coping or preparing to support loved ones during tough times ahead.

Many years of working in palliative care provided support in both anticipatory grief and bereavement support. Encompassing all aspects of loss, grief and change included supporting patients, families and carers, as well as staff support, all of which underpins the work I do today. 

I feel honoured to have crossed paths with incredible people during my time, also whilst working with Cruse Bereavement Care for many years as a volunteer, supervisor and trainer.

In my own life, I have experienced a great deal of grief, loss and change. My family moved around a lot, resulting in many changes in the home, school, employment, and sometimes countries. Having experienced the death of my parents, other relatives and friends, I understand that each death brings its own unique grief, losses and challenges.

In 2017 my husband died after a long progressive illness. During this, we both shared many different losses as his health deteriorated and together we grieved the changes that resulted.

My most recent training is in the Grief Recovery Method which introduced me to current, alternative ways that support people with their grief and losses. The effectiveness of these new methods of working has helped me to process losses and grief from my own past at a far deeper level

I provide a complimentary consultation where we can, together, explore possible ways forward. I offer this by phone, email or zoom

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United Kingdom, SO23 8TA, Hampshire, Winchester

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    Grief Recovery Programme
    Ruth Richards
    United Kingdom
    I wanted to undertake the Grief Recovery programme with Sally due to an expected family bereavement and not having the opportunity to say goodbye to the family member.  Early in the programme it became clear that the biggest loss in my life was a relationship from over 20 years ago and that my feelings towards it were still holding me back. I was ashamed and embarrassed that I had not managed to resolve these emotional issues myself.  Fortunately, Sally was my Grief Recovery Specialist and it was easy to talk to her, she made no judgement and all the way through acknowledged my feelings.  I know wholeheartedly know that his programme works because two weeks after completing it, I had a message on my socials for this ex-partner’s birthday.  The reaction was amazing in that I had no emotional reaction at all.  I saw it and thought ‘today is his birthday’ and got on with my day.  Until completing this programme that would have knocked me off kilter for days.  Whilst the programme is easy to follow and very practical, Sally played a huge part supporting me through this.  Beyond her compassion is her wisdom, understanding of the emotions associated with loss and her instinct to deal with whatever comes up in the sessions.  Whether you are feeling the pain of a loss due to bereavement, a relationship that is over but still has emotional ties for you or anything else that is a loss for you in life, I thoroughly recommend Sally Reynolds as your Grief Recovery Specialist.