Changing Times Hypnotherapy
Changing Times Hypnotherapy

I’m Louise and I specialise in helping people who are struggling to cope with life’s problems by teaching them ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety and by giving them the inner resilience and coping strategies to deal with everything that life might have in store.

When you come to see me, the therapy I provide will be tailored to your specific needs and to enable you to develop the confidence and skills to manage your life in the

The techniques I use include hypnosis, relaxation, mindfulness and EFT (or tapping), all techniques that have been clinically proven to be effective. Hypnotherapy and these other tools can help you to change your behaviour and thoughts in the way you wish to change, enabling you to be the best ‘you’ that there is!

I offer private, one-to-one appointments in person at my London based office, or online for people needing help to manage stress, anxiety (including exam stress), menopausal symptoms, phobias, work and school anxiety, low self-esteem, weight management and changing bad habits, such as nailbiting.

The first step will be a free, half-hour initial telephone consultation, prior to the first appointment, when I can answer any questions you may have. Although people often feel better after only one or two sessions, meaningful and long-term change may need six to eight sessions.

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