“I began a series of coaching/mentoring sessions with Diane almost 6 months ago after having a one to one session earlier in the year. I had been through a series of challenges in my personal life over the previous two years and felt so much better after my one to one session that I wanted to continue the support over a period of time to embed positive change. From an outside perspective my life over the course of the mentoring has changed very little but the internal changes for me have left been a complete transformation. All of my relationships have improved through being able to communicate in a way that is more honest and true to myself. I no longer feel the need to ‘people please’ at the detriment to my own wellbeing and have found a new confidence in myself and my decision making. Throughout the process Diane has been such a brilliant support, offering guidance to build my own insight through our sessions to help me navigate my way to a whole new way of feeling, being and experiencing my life. It has been completely transformative and the best gift I have ever given myself.”