Change Your Mind - Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell
Change Your Mind – Change Your Life with Diane Mitchell

Feeling stuck? Looking for Change?

Don’t know where to start?

Getting out of our own way can be difficult to do, even when we know or don’t know what the root cause of the issues is.

If the mind is telling you things such as, “I am just not good enough, I can’t do this, I don’t deserve to be successful, what if I am found out,” you are in the right place. If you suffering the effects of being judged by others, it’s likely you drift between different states of emotional paralysis that continues to hold you back.

What’s mentioned above, is the tip of the iceberg, enough to get in your way which causes feelings, emotions, and thoughts that swirl round and round like a washing machine. ‘Change your Mind-Change Your Life’ could just be what you are looking for.

There are common traits in human personality which get in the way of people making the changes they crave for their own life. Many people choose to work with me because they need instant freedom and change in non-invasive, no-fuss ways.

Experiencing relief from being stuck, instantly living with positively charged thoughts, the ability to feel the shift that has taken place is such a welcome relief.

Don’t take my word for it!

Here’s what one client had to say:

“I have had two 1 to 1 sessions with Diane and the changes I am seeing in me is so exciting. Diane helps you see through the fog. It’s an exciting journey when you have found someone who can help you be the best version of yourself.” Mel Brookes.

If you are exhausted, had enough of feeling lack, tired of feeling stuck, finding yourself in a place you have been before, patterns that hold you back, overthinking dreaded negative thoughts, now is the time to take action.

Moving on in your own life doesn’t mean leaving everyone behind. Breaking the habit of being yourself, is an opportunity for you and those in your life to benefit from the ‘real you’. This is your one life, sometimes we have second chances, just as I did many years ago. No matter how many chances we have, there is only one life to live.

Picture, living your life free of dread, guilt, or unhappiness. Imagine living a life where shame is a word not a feeling. Can you truly imagine waking each day feeling comfortable, and alive inside? Imagine, reconnecting with that feeling of ‘I am enough’ while sitting comfortably in your own skin every day? If this resonates with you, don’t lose another day of living a quality life.

My clients instinctively know they are craving change and have had enough of living in old outdated habits and beliefs, even though the thoughts of change are the scariest thing ever. Ask yourself, what is the better option for staying stuck and feeling unfulfilled or giving yourself permission to allow the necessary changes to enhance your life. Each session lasts up to two hours.

Here’s what another of my clients had to say:

“I have just experienced another Change your mind – Change your life with Diane. The first one was incredible! I am almost 70 years old and have had many trials throughout my life. Working with Diane altered my perspective on nearly all my learned patterns and behaviours. It certainly did what it says and changed so many aspects of my life. The second session tweaked the areas which we didn’t quite cover on the first due to the magnitude of the task. I feel the best I have ever felt and have renewed energy and motivation. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to do this work with this amazing woman. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone!” Hilary Hartley

Change your mind – change your life, allows you to painlessly change your subconscious beliefs.

In a nutshell, there is no need to live with sabotaging thoughts! Through a series of what is called ‘balances’, together we access your higher self and ask and respond according to what your mind and body needs to balance and create peace of mind and separation away from the issue. These changes can happen quickly and instantly. During a FREE complimentary consultation, I test to see if you are open to this experience and that it is the right holistic method for you.

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Breaking the habit of living on autopilot

Mindfulness is like Coming Home to Yourself. It is a series of principles that support retraining mind and body reactivity

If you are looking to change behavioral patterns, remove your life from autopilot, then mindfulness and specific meditations bring different attributes over a longer period of time.

Click here to find out how Mindfulness may help you.

However, if you want to change now, then book a complimentary consultation via zoom, and let’s share a quick test to see if this work is the right fit for you.

I look forward to our first conversation

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    Fantastic! Gave me the push I needed
    Michele Dashwood
    Hounslow, Middlesex , United Kingdom
    Amazing! I cant recommend this therapy enough! Over lockdown I stopped riding my beloved motorcycle and my inner mind monkey stepped in. I have had anxiety issues since childhood, so along with the rest of the world I was totally blindsided by this awful pandemic. As lockdown eased I wanted to start riding again, but found I had lost confidence in my ability to ride! After my sessions with Diane, I took the bike out for the first time in over a year and I felt brilliant! It was like a switch had clicked. Diane is brilliant at what she does, she put me at ease straight away and it was like chatting with a friend. Thank you Diane x
    I was left feeling calm
    "This was my third retreat and I was blown away by my experience as always. I was left feeling calm, balanced, enlightened and set up with tools to use in my everyday life to continue to improve my life experience. A perfect setting for a retreat and facilitated perfectly by Diane and Joanne over the two days. There is always a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a safe space to share my experiences, questions and feelings throughout the day but also no expectation to do so if I don't want to. Connecting with like minded people adds to the experience. I have been on two previous retreat experiences and worked on a one-to-one basis with Diane and the whole set of experiences over the past 12 months has set me on a new path in my life and I will never look back. I can't wait for the next one."
    The best gift I have ever given myself
    "I began a series of coaching/mentoring sessions with Diane almost 6 months ago after having a one to one session earlier in the year. I had been through a series of challenges in my personal life over the previous two years and felt so much better after my one to one session that I wanted to continue the support over a period of time to embed positive change. From an outside perspective my life over the course of the mentoring has changed very little but the internal changes for me have left been a complete transformation. All of my relationships have improved through being able to communicate in a way that is more honest and true to myself. I no longer feel the need to ‘people please’ at the detriment to my own wellbeing and have found a new confidence in myself and my decision making. Throughout the process Diane has been such a brilliant support, offering guidance to build my own insight through our sessions to help me navigate my way to a whole new way of feeling, being and experiencing my life. It has been completely transformative and the best gift I have ever given myself."
    Wonderful healing
    "This was the wonderful healing I received yesterday from the beautiful Diane. Diane was able to tap into my gut brain to let it be heard.... To silence the head brain that feeds us rubbish and to really find out what was driving me and what was holding me back and needing healing. It was an immensely emotional session and I learned to listen to my gut.... I learned so much about what has been troubling me and a few surprises reared their ugly heads during the 90 minutes.... I also learned that I needed to mind my own language and speak kinder to myself.... Her session was one of the most powerful and life changing - and with immediate change - I have ever experienced.. If you are in the London Area and need some healing I urge you to see Diane."
    A totally new and relaxing experience
    "Had a totally new and relaxing experience at this sensory retreat run and organised by an extremely gifted lady Diane Mitchell...In addition, i met like minded people who were a pleasure to be around and experience what can only be described as a weekend of bliss... Thank you Diane, I am looking forward to the next one in Bali."
    A truly amazing and positive experience
    "A truly amazing and positive experience shared with a group of incredibly nice women who I felt I’d known a long time – and facilitated by two of the most incredible, lovely and enlightened women in Diane and Joanne. I can honestly say, this is life changing. The rubbish is being cleared already. I cannot thank you enough xxx"
    A fab experience
    "I have been thinking of you lot`s since Thursday. It was a fab experience and I can defiantly tell a difference in myself. I have tried to have a negative thought about not achieving what i have my sights on, and it`s like I am just not capable. Really hard to describe! I have a voice in my head that just repeatedly says “It’s all going to be ok” and I feel at peace about it."
    You are an earth angel who has changed my life
    "You are an earth angel who has changed my life. I am fearless, positive and free. I love you. Thank you Dearest Diane, you have changed my path and put me where I needed to be. See you again xx"
    I Had a lovely day with lovely people!!
    "I had a lovely day with lovely people! Thank you Diane"