Consider Mindfulness as coming home to yourself. The practice has many benefits, a few to mention are, clearing the mind chatter, reducing the volume of what is going on in the mind, makes way to focus on awareness of self, brings stillness and a broader perspective to the present moment. This simple yet profound practice can also help reduce stressors, anxiety, pain relief, and concerns we pay attention to within our inner world. There are many types of meditation involved, silent, mantra, breathwork, sitting, standing, and focusing…to name a few. Learning the art of mindfulness can take time, becoming present is a life gift, and well worth exploring and mastering. It gifts you time and your life when it seeps into your system.
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Change your mind, change your life. A holistic approach to changing the mind. Diane Mitchell Mindset Wellbeing
Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
Are you stuck in the shackles of your own mental prison?   Feeling overshadowed by the same persistent thoughts?  The mind is part of us, not all of us, and it is not here to […]
Changing Times Hypnotherapy
Changing Times Hypnotherapy
I’m Louise and I specialise in helping people who are struggling to cope with life’s problems by teaching them ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety and by giving them […]
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Mindfulness with Diane Mitchell
Mindfulness - Coming home to yourself Being mindful is not a quick fix, it is a way of life It takes time, patience, and perseverance to cultivate this beautiful gift to self. If […]
Soul Spirit
Soul Spirit - Dance in to Your Power
Welcome to Soul Spirit! Inspire yourself through meditation and visualisation techniques and enjoy self-expression and dance with my easy to follow Dance in to Your Power, video t […]