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Spiritual Medium
Alison Stead – Spiritual Medium
PRIVATE READINGS 30 MINUTES £40 | 1 HOUR £57 Caring, evidential Readings demonstrating Spirit survival & their continued awareness of your day-to-day life. Where appropriate […]
Care and Support Services
Our death is one of the most profound experiences unique to each of us as individuals… A once in a lifetime experience, with only one chance to get it right, for ourselves and tho […]
Change your mind, change your life. A holistic approach to changing the mind. Diane Mitchell Mindset Wellbeing
Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
Are you stuck in the shackles of your own mental prison?   Feeling overshadowed by the same persistent thoughts?  The mind is part of us, not all of us, and it is not here to […]
Changing Times Hypnotherapy
Changing Times Hypnotherapy
I’m Louise and I specialise in helping people who are struggling to cope with life’s problems by teaching them ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety and by giving them […]
Chrysalis Family Wellbeing
Become the change you want to see in your new life story From Heartbreak to wholeness, creating positive life change whilst coping with separation and navigating your divorce. A l […]
F and S Life Force
F and S Life Force Wellness
Discover BEMER.  Improve your circulation. Improve your health. Improve your life. BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the body, […]
fitnwell logo
Fit 'N Well
Welcome! I’m Carlye. I used to begin each day by running hot water over my hands just to get them functioning. Now I begin each day with a small glass of aloe and joint stiffness […]
Grief Recovery UK
Grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind. In itself, grief is neither a pathological condition nor a personality disorder. “Grief is the conf […]
Reiki, light from within, wonderful world of wellbeing
Light From Within: Holistic Therapies
Hi, my name is Yvonne Oakes and I welcome you to Light From Within I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, Vision Board Facilitator, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Together with these p […]
Lomi Lomi Healing Massage Therapy Winchester
Lomi Lomi means massage – however it is a unique healing massage also known as the traditional massage or sacred ceremonial bodywork of Hawaii developed over many generations. Lom […]
MidasPlus Fundraising
MidasPlus Fundraising was set up to help needy people in Middlesex and Surrey Plus surrounding areas. Hence the name MidasPlus. The charity is run by 3 Trustees - all local people […]
wwow mindfullnessuk
Mindfulness with Diane Mitchell
Mindfulness - Coming home to yourself Being mindful is not a quick fix, it is a way of life It takes time, patience, and perseverance to cultivate this beautiful gift to self. If […]