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Enrich Your Life & Light Your Soul

A Vibrant Weekend with Expert Health and Wellness Professionals from Every Exciting Niche Possible.

A Festival Not To Be Missed

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Since the pandemic we’ve seen massive upsurges in mental health issues, diabetes and obesity. Problem is…

Non-communicable diseases like these tend to spiral out of control. Something like:

↓ Lower physical, mental and spiritual health & wellbeing…

↑ Leads to more stress and chronic disorders…

↓ Leads to lower health & wellbeing…

∞ And the spiral continues.

We break that cycle:

Kick-start your joyous, vibrant, pain-free life with our highly-awaited,

biggest ever festival: Wellbeing is the New Currency.

Join over 10,000 previous festival attendees who have found incredible new ways to

uplevel their lives without alcohol or drugs at a fraction of the cost.


Come & Get Your Wellbeing On Over The Weekend 17 – 18 June

Looking for better ways to improve your life?… Then you are in the right place

Early bird; day, weekend, and family festival entry passes are available to book now.

This is your opportunity to up-level your life, connect, engage and enjoy

the best of health and wellbeing from around the region and beyond.

So hop on it, and book your pass now at the early bird rate.

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Wellbeing Is The New Currency, and we are here to invest in yours! 2023

fest will bring the very best showcasing across all sectors of health & wellbeing.

A wealth of education, mindful experiences, wonderful workshops, holistic therapies,

products, and services you’ll experience across the entire weekend.

The Exhibition Arena

A showcase, encompassing holistic, traditional, and alternative health and wellbeing options

with 100+ exhibitors from around the region and beyond. You’ll discover both traditional

and the latest methodologies, from therapists, artisan products crafters and coaches alike.

Including our next generation, we have specialist children’s wellbeing providers showcasing

too – so be sure to pack up the kids and bring them with you.

We do not charge for children to enjoy our festivals.

* Children must be accounted for when booking family passes.

All children U18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Experiences Change Lives

Included in the entry pass, you’ll have access to our zone areas. Be Inspired, Be Mindful,

Be Moved – serve up a magnificent collection of Inspirational talks, Mindful experiences

and Live classes across the whole weekend. Enjoy, engage and experience a variety of live

classes, educational workshops, and experiences all expertly crafted to ignite your senses

and light up your life. And sure enhance your well-being and that of your family,

friends, and colleagues. Hop back here for the schedules as they become available.

If you are on our mailing list, we will keep you in the loop.

Our opening and closing ceremonials will bring delight to the start of your day

and ease your flow as we close each day Every morsel of this festival from all contributors

is guaranteed to uplift, improve and inspire your life in unique ways. Entertainment, experiences,

and foodies – all to enhance your experience, so, let’s get your wellbeing on & book now

I don’t want to miss this show. I’m ready to book an Early Bird Festival Pass

So let’s get ready…

One whole weekend of total goodness that will uplift your mind, body & soul.

You will enjoy, engage and advance your own wellbeing among like-minded people.

We cannot wait to celebrate the best in health and wellbeing with you

Here’s what our festival visitors are saying

Visitor feedback…

Thank you for an amazing day at Kempton. The positive feel & vibe of the place was brilliant.

I hope this will be an ongoing event because this is something we will be coming

to time after time! A true pioneer of wellbeing! Such a lovely day out, with a great variety of

stalls, fantastic workshops, and a beautiful atmosphere. Highly recommend.

The venue was fantastic, with massive attendance from guests and exhibitors from near and far.

The room was positively buzzing with excitement from everyone. Great facilities,

therapist, health and wellness! we spoke to a lot of excited people who said they love the event

From the local community of children’s creativity exploding onto a banner in the children’s area,

to the inspiring witnessing of my 7-year-old daughter exploring many facets of her unique self

within her first business venture. These are just a snippet of the richness that being part of a WWOW festival brings!

Well-being immerses you as soon as you walk through the door, I believe due to the impeccable

preparation and organisational skills allowing the plethora of services and products available to

nurture, nourish, relax, inspire, heal and envelop every part of your being.

I’m looking forward to the festivals starting up again and hoping to exhibit myself this time and

know my daughter is excited too and making some more Incredible connections.

I was lucky enough to be on the crew yesterday and what a brilliant day. Absolutely

loved it and met some lovely people. Hope I’ll be able to help next year. Thank you again

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Embark on a Wellness weekend crash-course where you will meet 100+

diverse exhibitors, each long-standing experts in their own fields.

The massive variety of wellness products, services and therapy professionals

we carefully select, ensures a holistic, personalised healing journey for all,

a journey that will enrich your life long into the future.

It’s time to get your wellbeing on. And the best thing…

You’ll immerse yourself in experiences that nourish in your mental, physical,

emotional and spiritual health – all to uplift your life. Holistic wellbeing is kind,

gentle and treats the considers the person as whole, igniting a regeneration and strength to your core.


Doctors gave me 12 weeks to live. And with no solution in sight from traditional medicine,

I was frustrated, depressed and anxious. My stubborn mind refused my prognosis and I set out to find a solution.

Dozens of wellness treatments later and with the help of a variety of holistic therapies for the

mind and body, I processed the underlying cause of my illness. That’s when I realised the incredible

power of wellbeing. With this, Wellbeing Is The New Currency Festival was born.

Wellbeing is the New Currency Festival is simply Wonderful. And when you enter the festival,

you’ll discover new possibilities that will transform your mind and body & soul.

You’ll meet new friends who enrich your life forever!

“It’s wonderful!”

The ‘Wellbeing is the New Currency Festival’ presents every person a way to create their

own unique blend of therapies — a tailor fit action plan, just for you.


• A passionate, unique, expert range of professionals, specially selected to serve you

throughout this weekend — hand-selected by our WWoW team so you can explore

our wellness providers’ life-changing experiences with complete confidence.

• A gathering of beautiful, like-minded individuals to help and encourage you in your journey

of self-improvement, learning and growth, that will enrich your life forever!

• Collaborative, transparent professionals in clinical, holistic and alternative medicine

find you the right combination of services to improve your life as effectively as possible.

• Sound experiences that induce relaxation, learning and self-development.

• Education. Education. Education. Connect with caring, transparent wellbeing providers

and up level your knowledge of the how’s and which holistic health choices will work best for you.

• A totally interactive and inspirational weekend

• Cultivate a new hobby or passion, even career with your take from the

live classes & workshops that bring utter goodness to your life.


• Be Inspired Zone

Educational, Inspiring Speeches by field experts, a deep delv into aspects of living

a life in wellbeing and its multiple benefits for your everyday life.

• Be Moved Zone

Crafted workshops — packed to the rafters — with live yoga classes, plates,

or zone out in a stunning sound baths or join in with the folk choir.

• Be Mindful Zone

Unlimited access to our mindfulness area to soothe your senses…how? Come find out!

By purchasing your entry pass,, you’ll have full entry to all areas of this stunning festival


We remember that you’ve all waited three long years the return of our

festival and we’d like everyone to have the opportunity to attend.

But what this also means is…

Ticket sales will explode this year compared to previous years because of

the super success of our previous events, together with the three-year

post-pandemic wait. So hop on it and click the entry pass button – secure your festival pass today.


If, for any rhyme or reason, you decide to cancel your ticket, simply

request a refund via our ticket channel up to 30-days before the event

If you’d love to attend but will only know your availability closer to the

dates, simply book your pass, and make changes if need be.

The last thing you want is seeing *sold out*!

Once you place the order, we immediately send your tickets straight to your

inbox and you can block off your relaxing weekend in your busy calendar.

We will update you with what’s going on in the lead up to the festival

as more of the program of events unfold.

Buy Your Festival Passes Here – 17 – 18 June

We look forward to seeing you there.


Wellbeing Is The New Currency Festival


Changing Lives, One Festival at a Time