Positive Life Lessons through Connection and Community

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has been devastating on so many levels, but have we learned anything valuable from the experience?  Perhaps constructive lessons about community, about care, about environment and wildlife, and about the power of human connection to overcome enforced seclusion and isolation, even when meeting online.

While needing to socially distance, in some ways people have come together as never before.

Expanding our sense of community, globally

Many people have adapted their usual face-to-face offerings to online tutorials, including me.

In the past, when my international students have requested online group resources, I’ve always resisted, favouring the sociable experience of face-to-face gatherings. I’ve learned to re-think my opinion on that and see the positives in this new way of connecting.

It started tentatively when a full day Angel workshop for the London College of Psychic Studies (CPS) was moved online when lockdown was extended into May.  Naturally, I was hopeful that the online students would enjoy it, but I wasn’t full of great expectations facing the prospect of a 7-hour screen time extravaganza.
However, not only was the angel workshop received with enthusiasm and gratitude, but the all-round positive experience launched me into developing a full-on migration of all my scheduled programmes onto an online interactive format.

I re-arranged my monthly healing share to an online meet-up and it soon morphed into a fresh format of a group chakra healing followed by a guided meditation and sending heartfelt healing to our global predicament.  We concluded by connecting ‘above and below’ to the constellations and planet earth respectively and allowing our individual and collective consciousness to keep expanding until we were feeling ‘at one with all that is’.

Many participants felt that connection, and some had a profound Unity Consciousness experience. Testimonials followed:

“Thank you so much again for wonderful evening with wisdom, knowledge and sacredness. Lovely souls together!!” Sheila, Sussex, May 2020

The momentum continued, so I offered an interactive online version of my Violet Flame workshop via Zoom.  As it was 6+ hours of teaching, I ran three 2-hour sessions on the same weekday evening over successive weeks.

Unexpectedly, several participants wanted to continue their training, so before I knew it, I had converted my Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing introductory course into standalone units, available as online modules.

I’ve been astonished at how insightful and tangible the connections have been within these groups. This year, connections, collective energy, and shared experiences have formed between people across the globe, who otherwise may never have met.

Now, five months later, we have completed several monthly healing circles and multiple RSE training modules on Zoom. In the process, we have organically created the most amazing and supportive community of healers and lightworkers from all over the world. Distances feel both greater and smaller this year, as the way we travel and connect has changed entirely.

This opportunity for global connection is hugely powerful, and something for us to nurture, whatever the new normal looks like in the coming years. The testimonials below express genuine relish for sharing a virtual classroom together.

Naomi Perry, Naturopath, Australia

“I really enjoyed doing the course with people from all over the world, with different accents and life experiences. It felt like we had a lovely connection with each other by the end. A great experience.” Naomi Perry, Naturopath, Australia

“I loved doing the international Zoom meeting and being part of this community” Fiora Touliatou, Complementary Therapist, UK

“I enjoyed being part of the group and the interactive part of it as Joanna encouraged participants to share our experience etc. As my first time to take an online course with new people that I haven’t met before, there was a feeling of being in a safe, relaxing and supportive atmosphere…” Sehay Alem, Web Designer, UK

“I am ready and eager for the Zoom version of RSE level 2” Sojourner Walker Williams, Yoga Teacher, USA

It seems that a welcome wave of understanding is speeding through society that we can be empowered by taking aspects of our wellness into our own hands. We know we can boost our immune system through improved diet, healthy supplements, exercise and better lifestyle habits. Now finally, as many of us have long been advocating, growing numbers are appreciating the benefits of complementary therapies, cultivating their spirituality, and supporting friends, neighbours and local communities to combat depression and loneliness.

As we move through Autumn, many will be feeling anxious about how to navigate the months ahead in isolation. Exploring novel ways of supporting our health through an unpredictable winter, learning new ways of being and connecting, accessing health and wellness resources, may help us through this together. Mutual support will be vital to our collective survival.

So, what perfect timing for us to join like-minded individuals in a virtual space to offer our services, right here on the Wonderful World of Wellbeing Online. Diane has melded a diverse range of health and wellbeing businesses into one place, where we can come together, discover synergies and collaborative connections, with the shared purpose of enhancing wellbeing. I look forward to exploring it myself.

If you relish the idea of joining other lightworkers for a guided excursion into the fabric of the earth and the far reaches of distant galaxies, join us for the next monthly healing circle on Monday 30th November. 7.30-9.30pm (GMT), cost to participate is £11.

We also have extended esoteric studies commencing this month with Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE®) mentoring modules Introducing Essene Angels (starts 5th Nov) and Mindful Chakra Alignment with Unity Consciousness (starts 10th Nov). Cost is £66 per module. See Ancient Healing for Modern Living under Coaching and Mentoring on this website.

For a reset and spiritual deep dive into 2021, join our New Year New Vision programme which runs through the full lunar cycle from the New Moon on the 13th January to the New Moon 12th February. Cost is £111 and this special mentoring initiative will be capped at 11 participants.

See Ancient Healing for Modern Living under Coaching and Mentoring on this website.

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