They could be displaying behaviour of anger, frustration, unhappiness and are having emotional meltdowns for no apparent reason.

This then can be frustrating for you the parent especially with the situation the world is in at the moment. Trying to be the best parent you can be and perhaps you are also working from home along with dipping in and out of the other roles you play at the same time.

Life can feel quite frantic at the moment. I have a resource that I have created that can help you with your child.

The first step in helping your child manage their emotions is to assist your child in identifying them. By using the reusable emoji stickers your child can show you how they are feeling without having to try and find the words.

They then use the mindfulness tool to help them to change how they feel and so they then feel calmer and happier, therefore, less emotional meltdowns and aggressive behaviour and a more gentle flow of communication.

The Emoji Chart empowers your child….

The Emoji Coach cover hr

The Emoji Chart helps children connect with their emotions, and be friends with their feelings, raising their confidence and self-esteem.

This will enable them to have self-awareness and recognition of their emotions and know how to manage them, such as staying calm when feeling angry or reassuring themselves when in doubt.

Your child will start to like themselves more and understand and accept themselves.

This tool takes the frustration out of parenting and, allowing good communication to flow, and it rebuilds rapport within the family unit and classroom. Children no longer feel like they are misunderstood, and parents stop feeling like they have failed.

Emoji chart
Emoji chart