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The Wonderful World of Wellbeing Indoor Festivals began early 2017 in Yorkshire.

UK festivals are renowned around the globe for their creativity and flair in presenting outstanding life experiences.

Based on our values and desire to integrate wellbeing across all generations, we successfully expanded into Greater London / Surrey region in 2018. To date, we have successfully showcased eight festivals and were at the foot of our third London festival when COVID-19 took hold and with 2020’s festival season effectively cancelled, attention begins to turn to 2021 and beyond.

You may be thinking we have a crystal ball?

We don’t have that, but we do have the care and patience to consider all who connect within the Wonderful World of Wellbeing

Health and safety are at the center of all we do. To maintain the level of the visitor experience, support our exhibitors with the best opportunities to connect with both new and existing festival-goers, without compromising the ‘experience’ we feel the best thing to do is wait until traction and balance, and safety is regained regarding COVID.

Take a look below, the videos and images will give you a sense of how our live wellbeing festivals role. We look forward to sharing our health and wellbeing festival with you – so do sign up for updates, we will keep you in the loop.

At WWoW–Online you have health and wellbeing choices available 24/7 across all ages.

With what I believe is the best access to health and wellbeing choices on the entire internet. Hop over to our exhibitors now and explore, engage, and empower your life from the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Are you a business owner? Managing or operating a health and wellbeing business? Looking to align with ‘something bigger’? Join us and see how you can become part of our World.

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Proud acknowledgement of our past wellbeing festival sponsors

What a great weekend at Wwow 11/12th November. Lovely to meet up with friends from the last one, and to make new connections. As most will know, was there playing various instruments during the weekend, as well as doing a sound bath on each day. On the Sunday, my parents came to my sound bath (some of you will have met them, during the weekend), their first experience of one, and I was overwhelmed by the words my dad said to me afterwards, plus the fact that during the session, my dad fell asleep to the sound. Now for that to happen to my dad, makes me proud, as he has been through so much in his life, and has often in the past been so tensed up, that to enable him to relax so, within one of my sessions, was a big thing for me, I love both my parents so much, and it was an honour that they could be at the festival over the weekend, and I feel they have both gained so, so much from it, there is excitement going forward, for my mum, but for my dad, a chance to release the shackles of the past. Peace and Love to everyone.

Christian, Sound Therapist, Exhibitor

Thank you Diane for an amazing day! We’ve met some fantastic people today and we’ve been so busy I only managed to take one picture! Lilly’s beautiful puppy dog!

Jodi Leah Clarke, Children’s Sand Play Therapy, Exhibitor

As one of the exhibitors at the WWOW at Kempton Park, I would like to express my utmost gratitude and huge thanks to all organisers for being given the opportunity to be a part of this excellent, uplifting event! Thank you Diane for your hard work, dedication and love! I thoroughly enjoyed the festival and my business has benefited immensely!

Desi Stefanova, Essential Oils , Exhibitor

Just exhibited for 2 days at the beautiful Pavilions Harrogate, met some fantastic people from around Yorkshire who attended & was able to spend time with them explaining & demonstrating how they could positively enhance their health & that of their loved ones by boosting their circulation with the amazing technology we recommend & supply. Met some fabulous fellow wellness exhibitors and made some new friends & contacts. Thanks to organiser for the support over the weekend. We found it very beneficial for our business.

Sarah Mercer, F & S Life Force, Exhibitor
Had a great weekend meeting lots of interesting people and learning some new things. Also bagged myself some treats.
Shar Peltier, Visitor
Well Saturday relaxation has been achieved in Leeds…reflexology & meditation thanks to @WWoWellbeing festival!
Lauren Riley, Visitor
Acceptance in the WWoW business community has helped me go beyond the mainstream community. WWoW has been instrumental in me building my business. My clients have come from WWoW and now they are my cheerleaders. I attend their network meetings, exhibit at WWoW festivals.
Now it really is important for me and my business growth to be part of WWoW-Online. A place where people can see my offerings. I am not a marketer, so being here is significant, a place where people can more easily find me and being part of something bigger. I will continue to promote my business. WWoW takes away the ‘how do I do this online’.
Ruth Richards, Hypnotherapist & Oracle Card Reader, Exhibitor
What a lovely festival, different to what I expected. The atmosphere and energy was beautiful and light. The people were great too. No matter who I met, all the exhibitors and visitors – lovely conversations were had. I experienced three therapies, bought some goodies and attended several talks over the weekend. Great range of offerings and many I was not aware of. No pressure and so inviting. I will be back. My friends will love this, thank you for creating such a wonderful experience.
Simone Johnson, Visitor
What an excellent festival. I left feeling that I have had a good day, learnt something new & brought things that I need to enhance my health & wellbeing. We spent most of our time with the Wellbeing product providers, Spiritual Development, Readers, Wellbeing Jewellery, the choice of talks was great too. It was an amazing day out, such value for money; there wasn’t one thing negative about the day! each of the stall holders were so helpful & friendly & didn’t push their products. Would def recommend others visit this festival.
Anna Finch, Visitor
Excellent indoor festival. What a wonderful weekend, lots of choices, people were wonderful, I engaged mainly with; Therapists, Wellbeing product providers, Spiritual Development, Wellbeing Jewellery, Mindfulness, Talks, Live workshops/ classes. I loved every moment of it. I Loved the show. and the name wonderful world of wellbeing was inspiring all weekend. whenever I thought of it I felt wellbeing. It was so lovely.
Soora Sukhvinder, Visitor
I mainly attended for the taster classes, talks and exhibits. It was easy to book online. The range of exhibits was very good. Nothing could be improved, the show was perfect as it was. The atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable. The venue in London was the perfect place to hold a wellbeing festival as there was plenty of room to move around and it did not feel too crowded like some festivals do.
Sandra Berg, Visitor
I really enjoyed the festival, I learned more about the two subjects I was interested in; Kundalini Yoga and crystals. I will definitely be attending again.
M. Lutchman, Visitor
My reason for attending this festival was, it was new to London, curiosity and time out with a friend. We covered a lot of the therapists, fitness, skin care, healthy foods, treats, the juice bar, talks, live workshops and classes, it was great, would like more too. We enjoyed the Pilates classes the most, and will definitely attend again.
A. Harper, Visitor
So much choice of stalls and engaging stallholders, I learned a few things.No sure how this could be improved. Will definitely return.
R. Ranson, Visitor
My main reason for visiting was to connect with like minded people. We spent most of our time among, fitness, coaching support, wellbeing jewellery, healthy food treats, juice bar, and talks I thought you covered all areas well, I would just like more healthy meal stalls. It was different to anything i had been to. I am a life coach so loved talking to other coaches. Being around like minded people was great. I will be returning again.
T. Rolfe, Visitor

What a great show. Spent most of the time with wellbeing providers, fitness, minerals, vitamins, clothing, skin care, networking and the mindfulness offerings. When visiting festivals, I enjoy diversity. An alternative approach to the way people currently live, challenging perceptions. I really enjoyed speaking with the exhibitors. My daughter and I attended and we really enjoyed the day. We came away with some wonderful products and contacts.

Tracey Royal, Visitor
The selection of exhibitors was great. Will visit again, and recommend to others.
Anke Stentiford, Visitor

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